Tuesday, December 20, 2011

PJ's Popcorn and Cocoa Party!

Happy 5 days to Christmas y'all!!!  We have been busy bees...err elves lately!!  We had  a fantastic weekend, but I want to first blog about our party last night!

Last night, we had all the kid's close buddies over for Popcorn and Cocoa in their pjs. I wanted to have something for the kids this year, but I have been limited on my planning time, so we did something easy.  They brought the popcorn and I served the cocoa.  We wore pjs and watched a movie.  The kiddos got to help make reindeer food to take home too!!  For some added fun, we used an elf name generator online and called all the kids by their Elf Names, it was hilarious and the kids loved it.  It was an easy, cozy night that I foresee becoming a tradition for a many more years :)!  Pictures...

Fun night of more memories!!!

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MySweetCreations said...

Popcorn and cocoa is a great idea! I have a nearly 6 year old and I will have to remember this idea for next year!