Thursday, December 15, 2011

Little Ones in the BIG City

Before we look at my gazillion Philadelphia pictures, go link up today I Love You More Than Carrots (love pretty AP) and today is Oh What Fun it is to Make Memories!! I linked up my Merry Memory Making post from earlier this month!

This past weekend, we went to Philadelphia!  Shane's new company does this event every year. They have all the employees bring their families to Philly for a whole weekend!  We took Claire and Owen and we had a blast!!  Let's look at the pictures, shall we?

The kids first time to fly!
 Our Advent that day :)

First cab ride!

 Got to the hotel!! They had two rooms for us at the end of the hallway that joined - AWESOME!!!

 Being silly while I am trying to get them to pose by the gorgeous view in their bathroom! :)
 Claire thought it was HILARIOUS there was a phone in the bathroom - so she had to pretend for pics :)
 Fangle made the trip - I snuck him in the suitcase and they were SHOCKED when they saw them - Funny story - we forgot to move him Friday night so he was in the same place Saturday morning. When we got back Saturday afternoon, the maids had cleaned and moved him to sitting on Owen's bed - Owen was SHOCKED :)
 Going out on the town for the first time...

 Standing in front of Independence Hall


 Macy's window :)
 City Hall
Our Hotel!

 Sitting on the steps of the Ritz Carlton where we stayed :)
 Silly faces in the elevator

 The next day we went to the Franklin Science Institute Museum - AWESOME!

 They got their faces painted :)
 Saw dinosaurs (no pictures allowed) and solved a case at the CSI exhibit :)

Claire wanted the full big city experience, so we left the boys, shopped from a street vendor (where she got this fabulous headband) and found a cupcake shop :)...oh and hit up Macys!
Saturday night, Shane and I attended the black tie Christmas party. We got all dressed up and the kids went to the Presidential Suite and partied with all the other kids (older ones babysat). Shane and I had an absolute blast!!  We seriously love the people that he works with and we all just felt like a big family!  Yall know I love any reason to get dressed up too :)...and my hot husband looked pretty handsome :). The owner of the company keeps all the details a big secret and we just loaded up on trolleys and they took us to the venue. It was absolutely gorgeous and a fabulous night!!  During dinner, the staff placed little wrapped boxes at each wife's place setting.  He gave us all diamond heart necklaces!  Yall, it was AMAZING!

 The next morning, they had a Family Christmas brunch.  Once again, another secret :)!  They took us to this mansion in downtown Philly, we had a huge brunch and then they gave presents to all the kids. It was like a fairy tale!

 The kids with the owner :)

It was a fantastic weekend!! We are so blessed for Shane to work for this great company and we look forward to many more years of parties :)!  The kids will NEVER forget this weekend!!!


Kelly's Avenue said...

Oh what a fun fun trip y'all had!!!! Looks like the older kids had a BLAST!!!Glad y'all had a great time

I want to go to Philly someday

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This looks like so much fun!! I've always wanted to go to Philly!

And you look fabulous all dolled up!