Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tour!

Happy Friday!  Today I am linking up with the Oh What Fun it is to....Decorate link up at Blue Eyed Bride!  Also Kelly is doing her SUYL - Christmas tour too AND A la mode!

So grab a cup of cocoa and walk into our home FULL of 7 trees and lots of decor!!   I am mainly just showing yall the trees because I was so tired last night and frustrated that I could not get a good pic of trees, grr!  I love me some Christmas time and I love the kids' faces every year when we start putting it let's tour, shall we!!

Welcome to our home!

 The front door :)
 The staircase..
 The living room...


 Main tree in living room - our family tree and my fave! Holds all kinds of ornaments and filled with memories!
 It's wild and fun!
The dining room - purple, black and copper!! Love this one - this room is where the ladies go to lounge when we all hang out together!

The playroom - This is a new tree this year - full of cute toys and fun colors :)

The Master bedroom - turquoise, red and brown - I love this one too and I will always have a tree in our room.  I love going to bed at night with the lights on.  I feel like a kid again - Shane always turns them off when he comes to bed :)
Bree's wild (just like her :)) pink, red, black and white tree!!

Owen's Razorback tree!
Claire's new tree this year - the tree is dark purple - this one is GORGEOUS!! She is so proud of it!!!

So there you have all my trees!! Enjoy yourself all weekend and tour a bunch of homes at Erin and Kelly's blogs!!

Merry Christmas Yall!!


the tichenor family said...

OH MY GOODNESS, your trees are so amazing! They belong in store windows. I am so impressed. Come decorate my house!!! Thanks for linking up... Merry Christmas!

~Nikki Pullen said...

I love all your decorations! Visiting from

Kelly's Avenue said...

I am in love with all the trees and your decorations!!!!

Brandi said...

Your decorations seriously rock!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

lady! when do you have time to decorate and put up all these trees? i am LOVING them all!!! they are all fabulous and just amazing!!! :) so fun, happy holidays!!

The Anglin Family said...

Your house looks gorgeous!!! Your playroom and girls rooms are super cute, BTW:-)

Miss Charming said...

Such pretty Christmas trees and the decor on your mantel is simply gorgeous.

Jennifer said...

You have such a beautiful home, every room!!! I have trees in every room too :) I *love* the ribbon on your main tree! How exactly do you put it on there and how many rolls did you use? I tried to do it like that on my bedroom tree and it just doesn't look the same! Lol