Monday, March 25, 2013

My 3 Musketeers

Dear Claire, Owen, and Bree, 

10 things about each of you right now...

Claire Isabella...
  1. You are too smart for your own good.  You think you can talk your way out of every situation. You may look like your mama, but you are definitely your father's child.
  2. You are so beautiful and such a fashionista.  I trust you to get yourself ready everyday and you pick out the cutest outfits, with accessories.  This mama is so proud.  
  3. You are skinny minnie.  Size 10 clothes for lenghth, but too big in the waist.  You have a six pack for goodness sake.
  4. You make me cry every time you dance on stage.  You are so talented, it blows me and Daddy away every single time. I prayed for a dancer, and the Lord delivered more than I could have ever imagined.
  5. You have the kindest heart. You are not a mean girl at all.  You don't understand when other girls are mean to you or others, but always do your best to make it better.  
  6. You are talking very seriously about getting baptized.  I cannot even type that without crying.  Bless you sweet girl and your heart for Jesus!
  7. You can dance, but you can also throw a ball in the back yard with daddy and Owen.
  8. You are such a good big sister. Bree loves you so much and looks up to you. Owen tries to be tough, but he loves you too :).
  9. You are such a big help around the house. You just started doing chores around the house and it is a huge help. You are saving for an ipad mini :).
  10. You do such a great job of managing your busy schedule.  A full dance plate + school can be hard, but you are a rock star.

Owen Keith...
  1. You are the most stubborn child I have even met in my life.  We refer to it in our house as "dog with a bone" :).
  2. You are the most handsome little boy this mama has ever seen.  You act, sound, and look just like your daddy.  You even pray just like him :).
  3. You will not eat hardly anything. Like anything. It is about to kill me and your daddy, but we will get through it.  Hot dogs and chicken nuggets are not food groups. :)
  4. You are getting so tall and catching up with Claire. Just like her, you are slimmed out, big in the waist size 7 jeans to get the length right.
  5. You cannot pick out your own clothes. End of story. :)
  6. You LOVE your video games, itouch, etc.  You are really good at them too. I think they are your getaway from all the females in the house :). 
  7. You are so tenderhearted. You hate to get in trouble at school and get your feelings hurt easily.  I love that you are so sweet, but I get all mama bear probably too often :).  You just want everyone to get along and no one to get in trouble, not even those pesky sisters :).
  8. You are not a huge fan of school, in the morning.  Every morning I have to feel your head because you just "know" you are sick.  You are very rarely sick :). Once you get to school, you love being with your friends and teacher.
  9. You try to pretend you cannot read, but when we make you read with us every night, you do so well and we are so proud.  You know those blue eyes can get you out of almost anything.
  10. You too are helping around the house.  But you only want to do the chores you like.  For example: you never forget to take the lint roller to mama's black chair or spray febreeze in the dog's cages :). You are the funniest kid I have ever met in life!
Bree Leighton...
  1. You can do anything and every thing you practically want to in our house.  Daddy and I rarely can tell you no :).  But we are starting to lay down the law some and you are not liking it. You can throw a fit with the best of them.
  2. You are your mama's girl and I L O V E it! You love your daddy because honestly, he is more fun, but mama is your homegirl.
  3. You still sleep in our bed at night.  We cannot break you of it, yet.  We have not gotten all tough love on you yet.  Your time will come, but right now, we are just too tired.
  4. You love to dress up!  You love a dress and always need a bow in your hair. You are slimming out and not as chunky anymore, size 4 everything.
  5. You LOVE to dance and can shake your booty so well (your fave move) :).  You love to dance with Claire and will make up the cutest dances that we all have to watch :).  Dance class day is your favorite day of the week.
  6. You LOVE the "ipied" or rather iPad. :)
  7. You are always carrying Ruby around the house.  Poor puppy :).
  8. You are cuddler. In your world, there is nothing better than being in someone's lap with a blanket, watching the Disney princess movie of your choice.
  9. You often ride your scooter around the house to get from one place to another :).
  10. You are the prettiest baby girl.  You pretty much rule our house and all four of us cater to your every need :).
Mama loves her babies :)....but they are not quite babies any more.  Folks, they Brown's are growing up!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Funny Bunch

First things first - apparently the "thing" to do is tell all yall to follow my blog with Bloglovin - so do it! :) 

As I looked at my pics I have not posted yet, one thing came to my attention immediately.  My days lately are full of schedules and stress sometimes, but this crew makes me smile, cry, but mostly LAUGH, like a lot :).  We may not eat all the veggies we should, I may say too many bad words, Owen may get to sneak a few snacks after not eating his dinner, Bree may still sleep in our bed, and Claire spend too much time on her phone...but we have so much fun together and we laugh more than anything. Life is going by so fast to worry all the time that we are doing every single damn thing perfect!  We pray together multiple times a day, thanking the Lord for these days and recognizing His blessings, and teach our kids how important it is.  That is what matters right now in our lives...and I am completely ok with it.  

This girl dances her days away.  She talks back too, but I will ignore that right now.  The minute she comes home from school and her homework is done, she changes and is dancing.  Seriously until we make her stop for dinner and bed.  Love her and so thankful the Lord has given her this talent.  Another post soon on our dance competition travels and awards!!!

A couple weekends ago, we went to Branson for dance.  Of course we took the kids to the Dixie Stampede!  That was hilarious and fun! This is the pic they took of us in front of a green screen :).  When Bree saw this, she said "I not smile!  I don't like that picture girl!" :)

Speaking of B, signed her up for preschool at the big school :)...that was a tear or two...or 50 :)

Oh you know just sitting in the lobby of Las Fajitas, making faces, and reading a mexican newspaper :)

Made dinner the other night, a new recipe and it sucked.  So we had ice cream for dinner, in bed.  Shane and Owen were wrestling :).
No doubt this one has older brother :) 

This may look like a cute pic of three kids in their green for St Pattys day.  Oh no! This was a forced pic of a couple hooligans that did not want their pic taken. Good times.

 Oh my littles make me giggle :)

Happy Spring...expecting snow tomorrow in AR....gonna have to laugh at that, right?!