Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunny Days are Here Again!

We have been loving the summer weather lately and making the best of sunny days outside, sweating profusely, wearing kids out playing by running around out back, and all the other fun summer things to do :)! So what have we been up to lately...

Eating watermelon outside :)... Taking trips to Walmart...this really is what we do many days around here!!!
Fighting picture-taking (this is about as real as it gets folks!)
Posing with Mama and her new haircut!!! I got 6in cut off!!!! I LOVE IT!! Claire goes to get the same cut next week!

Counting down the days until we go to the beach...this was last week (we are now 10 days and counting!!) but this is Claire's countdown that she tracks...I just love that backwards five!!
Finishing school...Owen is officially out (Claire has 6 more days :()...this is Owen doing one of his most favorite phrases "PEACE OUT!" (check out the dirty fingernails...) Painting our piggies :)...
Acting silly out back...
Looking cute on Sunday mornings on our way to church, but fighting Mama on picture taking...some of these are CLASSIC!!

Swam in little pools in our backyard...working on our tans for the beach!

Going out with my favorite girls to see SATC2 - fun times!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!! Only a few of these pictures were actually from this weekend as I did not have camera out at all and I was okay with that :)!! We had a great, relaxing weekend and I don't want it to end! Well, at least Monday is already over :)....PEACE OUT!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Bug :)

Last week was Claire's Kindergarten Program "Bugz"! It was adorable and as we all know, Claire loves any chance to be on stage. She was a dragonfly! Here are a bunch of pics of her program and the picnic for the family afterwards. Owen did not come to the program, when given the choice, he wanted to go to school and play with Maddox:)...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

9 months of baby love...

I can't believe I am writing that Bree is 9 months old!!! What has 9 months brought us:
Pulling up EVERYWHERE!!
Eating everything!!
Still no teeth
Her first dance recital - she bounced and hollered the entire time :)
She now likes to sing along (read - yell really loud) while we are singing at church
REAL Pig tails :)
First Owwee - hit her head pulling up :(
First time in pool (pictures coming soon!)
Size 5 diapers (18-24mos clothes) - my growing chubby girl
Love this girl more and more everyday!! She is developing quite the attitude and cracks us up. She is still attached to me, Shane and her "circle of people". As hard as that is at time, not going to lie, I love that she loves me so much! She loves her brother and sister, but she loves to follow Owen around. He is starting to get protective of her (caught him yesterday pulling her away from picking up a little bug, he was soooooo stressed out!). I know that she is going to be PUMPED when the kids are out of school and home all the time
Happy 9 months Bree!!! I have been begging for time to stop, but every month we have enjoyed seeing you grow so much!!!!! We love you!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Claire's Big Night

This past Saturday was Claire's dance recital. It was a long day Saturday of Rehearsal all morning and back there that night for the big recital. What a great night!!! Claire did soooooo well and we were all so proud of her!!! I cry every time she is up on stage and love EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it! She loves it too and is so happy she has so many fans :)! There was a point in the night that me and Shane both thought the same thing and did not realize it until we were talking late that night driving home...two seniors danced solos that night and were then presented flowers by their families, the girls and families all cried. Shane and I both thought that about the fact that before we know it, that is going to be us up there with Claire and we will remember that moment of her second recital then too! TIME PLEASE STOP!!!!! Here are tons of pictures of her BIG NIGHT (sorry blogger hates me tonight and I cannot get anything in order!)!! She looks so old in all these pictures and it makes me want to cry like a big baby!!