Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Stuff for my BIG girl!

Time is flying by and I can't believe that is already the end of the school year!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE that Claire's kindergarten year is almost over **TEAR**! She has grown up so much this year and becoming quite the little lady. Lots of things have been going on lately for Miss Claire and some of it became official yesterday....

Shane and I have been thinking in the back of our mind for awhile about Christian Private school. We have a fabulous one here that is affiliated with our new church. We have always talked about it, but never really dug into it much because we have been so pleased with our school district and had the BEST TEACHER EVER this year. At Church a couple Sundays ago, our Pastor brought up a sweet young lady and told us all about her plans after graduation this year from the private school and we were both really impressed. That sparked some conversation, lots of praying, and a meeting with the Admissions Counselor. Let me just tell you, once we toured the school, met with a few teachers, and most of all saw the Christian based curriculum, we were so impressed and both of us knew this is where we wanted our kids in school. So we prayed more and took the steps to apply.

Yesterday, she had her official interview with the Dean and her testing (ever want to feel the ultimate nervousness, make you want to jump out of you skin, take your 6 year old to an interview with the Dean of a prestigious Christian School, about DID ME OVER yesterday, we never know what in the world is going to come out of that girl's mouth =)) and she did really well and she is officially a Shiloh Saint!!! We owe so much to her current Kindergarten teacher as she did extremely well on her testing! Claire is really excited and so are we! We are so excited to cheer on this new school next year as a family and the years to come with Owen playing ball there (BIG, HUGE Sports school) and eventually (make me want to throw up) Bree attending (and Mama and Daddy officially broke with three kids in private school). Let me say though that this was bittersweet as we are supporters of public school, especially her current school and teacher. I call Mrs Muller our Angel as she has helped us so much this year with Claire and developed her soooooo much!!! We are going to miss the Gators, especially sweet Mrs. Muller!

This weekend is Claire's big dance recital and we are all excited! This year she has three dances (opposed to ONE last year) and we are constantly practicing around here! We are talking three costume changes and tons of make up, hairspray and fun!! I am actually working backstage this year (say a prayer) with her class and getting them ready for each dance. My favorite night of the year is Recital night and I am sure I will bawl like a baby!!!

Now at the rate Claire is going lately, she may not make it to the Recital! She has officially mastered the art form of sassing and that is making for some fun times around here!!! I have been told that this age is one of the roughest and I have to believe it. She already thinks she is smarter than us and argues with everything we say...that is when she is not being mean to her little brother. I think it also has to do with the stress she is already feeling...constantly practicing for dance, studying for spelling test, practicing her reading, memorizing her lines for her kindergarten program next week....I am telling it's all BIG Stuff for this little girl!!! We have an official countdown (29 days!) to our beach vacation and I cannot wait for the stress free week for all of us!!!!
These are some funny pictures of Claire playing outside with her friends, pouting bc they would not listen to her....=)

Then end with a sweet one of her playing with Bree =)

Lord help me when I have more than one, eventually three all over the place in school, etc!!!! Now I am off to get Owen out of Claire's room...that will set her off the minute she walks in the door this afternoon!! Happy Wednesday!!!!!!


Walking With The Wheats said...

Quick question~ you said awhile back that you were going to do the 30 day shred! How did/is it going?? I tried the p90x, HA, tried IS the right word for that!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

She is growing up so fast!

Becky said...

Lol, loved those pouting pictures of her. She is hilarious. Cannot wait for the recital.

Courtney Cox said...

Hey Rachel I am a blog stalker of yours. haha! First of all I love your blog! Second, you made such an awesome decision for sending Claire to Shiloh. My husband went there till JR. High then his parents moved but he LOVED it. We have considered sending our son their too. I have a couple of friends that send their children their and LOVE IT!

Sherrie said...

Congrats to Claire! They do grow up so fast. I have one more year and then all three of mine will be in school, two in elem and one in middle school. Sometimes I long for the days they were toddlers and home with me. Things are so crazy when they are in school with sports, homework, and other activities. Good luck on the recital.

Maggie said...

So awesome!! We're actually planning to put Jonah in a private school, too. Our church, FBC Centerton, has one on campus (Lifeway Christian) that has just extended to a full K-12 school. We're so excided to have the opportunity (and can start planning and saving NOW, lol), so I know how proud you guys must feel right now!! =)

Love the pouting pics, haha