Thursday, May 13, 2010

How I stopped the oil spill from hitting Gulf Shores....

On this rainy, gloomy, want to stay in bed and not make breakfast for whiny kids morning, I am dreaming of the beach...we leave in 28 days, but not for Gulf Shores, for Myrtle Beach! Shane and I booked a ocean front house in Gulf Shores back at Christmas for our family. We found a beautiful, new home that was perfect for our family. We have all been looking forward to it and have been counting down the days since (literally counting every day, Claire Brown is soooo ready to go)! Well a couple weeks ago, Shane called me and said we need to start looking for a Plan B due to the this STUPID oil spill. I thought he was over-reacting and kind of blew him off. Well we started looking into it and it was not a question of IF the oil spill would hit the coast, but WHEN! All the news outlets had very bad forecasts and even Gulf Shores official website was stating it would hit in 48 hours (at the time) so we had to face reality and start looking for other options. This family did not take a vacay last year due to me being pregnant (remember this post =)), so I don't care if we had to hike, (well maybe not hike), we were going to a beach somewhere!! We researched the internet and finally decided that Myrtle Beach/ Garden City, SC was our best option!! Surprisingly, we found a great house that could fit all of us really quick and we booked it immediately! When we called to cancel our Gulf Shores home, they were really great about it, completely understood. The bad part about going to SC, the drive is almost DOUBLED!! We are talking 18 hours with a van full of a 6 year old, 3 year old and 9 MONTH OLD!! We are going to have to leave a day earlier, stop over night, and make our trip in two days. As much as I love a good road trip, this does make me nervous (read: want to pull my hair out at the mere thought of it!). I also was kind of sad to not go back to Gulf Shores. I love it there and we know the area. I also was so sad for all the businesses and families that would be affected by the sudden decrease in business =(...But, we had to do what we had to do...

So now, WEEKS later, the oil spill has not hit Gulf Shores. I am SERIOUS when I tell you that once we re-booked and cancelled, the forecasts changed and they are being optimistic it won't hit that bad IF at all! I told Shane that once I book the new house, the oil spill will probably disappear. Well not exactly, but it definitely has changed!! Seriously!!!??? So, all of yall that are stalling and waiting it out to cancel your trip, you can thank me for stopping the spill from reaching the coast...your welcome. Oh and BTW - there is a really great house available if you are looking =)...

We are looking forward to going to SC, we have all always wanted to visit. Anybody been there/ live there? Recommendations for fun things to do/eat at night with kids? We are so excited...Claire's most favorite place is the beach. Owen cannot remember when we went last time, but we have been talking about it and telling him all the fun things we will do. In true Owen fashion, he is asking EVERY SINGLE DAY "Can we go catch crabs?" (Shane laughs every time =)) and we have to tell him how many more days...

Here are pictures of the kids last time we went...look how much they have grown!!!!!!


Maggie said...

Sad to hear you won't be able to go back to GS, but at least you'll still be going to the beach, and who knows... SC could become your new fav place to go, =)

Cracking UP at the 'can we go catch crabs?" hahahahaha

And, oh my goodness, love the pictures and esp the one with Claire in all white with those white sandles. An ANGEL!!

We SOOO need a vacay... we have a couple of extended weekends coming up at the end of May, but nothing major planned (a trip to SDC for the BBQ fest one weekend, and a trip 5 hours east to see Jeramy's Grandma in Hardy, AR the next). We're looking forward to the time off, and counting the days when we can take off for a week and take a real trip!!

Have a blast, Rachel, and take lots of pictures. I can't wait to see them!!

Melissa said...

We're about 3 hours away from Myrtle and go maybe twice a year! I know the roads by heart now!

Broadway at the Beach is a lot of fun for kids. They have restaurants like Senor Frogs and Margaritaville. They are fun for kids and are always really lively!

I'd also suggest the Ultimate California Pizza, they have the best pizza i've had in SC. So good!

There is also a waterpark nearby and lots of places to play puttputt. However, we usually just go to Broadway and shop around.

Also, if you want to get in some shopping. They have an outlet mall, The Tanger Outlets. Lot's of brand name places (Jcrew, Childrens place, banana republic, ann taylor)

I can give you more advice if you need it, just email me at and I can really give you the scoop!!

Have fun!

The Belt's said...

A big THANK YOU for keeping the oil away!! Now maybe it really will stay away. We are scheduled to be in Orange Beach June 12th and haven't canceled as of now. We are renting through an owner and he has extended our final rent due date and is allowing a full refund if things do get bad before our arrival. I actually looked at Myrtle Beach when this 1st happened and thought we might have to change plans so be sure and post plenty of pics and let us know how you liked it. We may have to give it a try next year! Have fun!!

Becky said...

You'll love the beaches over there. I have been to the North Carolina beaches, white sand - gorgeous. I'll be praying for a safe trip for everyone.

. said...

We love MB have been going every year as a family! You guys will love it. Also I suggest Creek Ratz you can get great food and even watch couples do the shag dance!! Have fun! It's very close in Murrells Inlet!

Becky said...

Hate to hear about your bad luck, but you will like Myrtle Beach. We take a vacation there every year with about 20 other family members. Lots of fun. It's only 8 hours for me and I wish you luck with the long ride. We are heading there in late June :)

Definitely hit Broadway at the Beach. Family friendly for sure! We always eat at the Japanese Steak house while we are there. I'm not a sea food person. Haha!

BTW...I always enjoy looking at your blog. You have a beautiful family!

USCEmily said...

I posted a good many suggestion's on Tara's blog, but I think that you will definitely want to visit Broadway at the Beach. It's got a lot of great shops, restaurants, and activities. It has Ripley's Aquarium which is great for kids if it rains one day and you can't get to the beach. Also, on the perimeter of Broadway are Planet Hollywood & Hard Rock Cafe, and across the road is Myrtle Waves, a water park that they would probably enjoy.
Other than that, more towards the north end is a Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant, which is neat. Since you will be on the South end, though, you'll be closer to Broadway.
In Garden City there's Sam's Corner, which is a GC institution. Just hot dogs, but you have to go, just to say you went. Also, a good restaurant (but always with a long wait) is Sarah J's in Garden City.

If you need other suggestions, let me know!
I live about 2 hours from MB, but lived and worked there one summer and have a best friend who lives in a neighboring town.

amber leann said...

Hi! I love your blog, by the way! I have a sweet Claire too, except we spell hers wit a K. I too have 3 kiddos, so I enjoy seeing how other families survive, ha! We are going to Hilton Head SC this summer b/c of the oil spill. We usually head to Destin! One of my fav. spots, but I am like you, always wanted to visit SC so we shall see how it goes. It is a 12 hr. drive for us with the 3 kiddos...but my littlest angel is 7 wks! I am a tad bit nervous as well!

Tiffani said...

We have a timeshare in Myrtle Beach and live only 2 hours north in NC!

I will agree with Broadway at the Beach. They have an IMAX that we love going to and also a Ripley's Aquarium too. Both are in Broadway at the Beach. While there you HAVE to stop by River Street Sweets. It's in the same area as Magaritaville.

In North Myrlte beach they have Dixie Stampede. Fun for the kids and the whole family. Just like Medieval Times but cowboy style! Also, in North Myrtle Beach is Barefoot Landing and it's another little outdoor shopping mall. Carolina Opry is also very close as well as a House of Blues. The Giant Crab is in NMB and is a HUGE buffet of seafood! We go everytime!

Coastal Grande Mall is a good place to shop. It is IN Myrtle Beach at the intersection of Hwys 17 and 50.

There is SO much to do there! If you need any more tips or have any questions please email me! I have TONS of info!!!


In this wonderful life... said...

they have grown! you guys will have so much fun!