Monday, August 31, 2009 of 5!

Okay, I am not doing well with blogging right now!! I am so behind on everyone and I have a ton of pictures to post. So I promise to get caught up soon, and here is a post full of tons of pictures and all about our first weekend as a family of 5!!!

We are finally getting in a routine and moving along. Friday, I woke up and felt like myself again!! I was so happy! It took me a week from my c section exactly to feel great again. So we had a fun weekend with all the family and dressing up my sweet kiddos =)! I have to say too that Bree is a dream baby!! She is already sleeping 11-4 at night and then sleeping in until 8! She barely ever cries and is so content!! I love her so much and I could not imagine our life without her. She is going to be spoiled rotten...but I would not have it any other way! Claire loves her so much and is a big help. She is loving being a big sister to a little sister!! Owen really does not even notice she is here until he wants in your lap, then he tells us to put her down =). He is our easy going little guy =)!!
Friday night we had dinner at Shane's parents. All the family was there and all the kids had a blast...Bree enjoyed being held and loved on =). I am having so much fun dressing the girls matching, and Owen somewhat matching as well (just not enough where Daddy won't notice =)).
Saturday, I took my two girls with their Nonna (Mom) to the mall!! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here and it was awesome Saturday. I had to go shopping as I needed all new clothes!! I am proud to say that I have lost 27lbs since Bree was born (only gained 9) and I had to buy some new stuff! Saturday night, we went out to eat for Tara's birthday. It was a lot of fun and I had my first drink! It was sooooo good, Blackberry Sangria!
Bree at dinner...she was wearing one of her fab Juicy outfits, but I did not get any good pictures of it!!! Tara did and I will have to get them from her, it was just tooooooo cute!!!Claire at dinner...O at dinner... Our first photo as a family of 5 - Everyone is actually looking and SMILING!!! Sunday, we took Bree to church for the first time. The girls wore their matching dresses, Bree was a little small in hers, but they were just gorgeous!
Then finally, today was our first day without daddy, and we missed him!! He took off all last week and was my saving grace!! He helped so much and I was dreading him going back to work! But we managed, missed him, and did just fine. Here are some shots of Bree's photo shoot today...for her daddy =)!
The photo shoot did not go as well at first =)...
Still mad...How dare I not be holding her??!!! =)

Owen wanted his picture taken too =)Now we are done =)!Have a great week!!!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting in the swing of things...

To say that we are adjusting is an understatement =)! This is the first time I have opened my computer since the first day in the hospital and Tara was showing me all the sweet comments (thank you so much!!!!)...I barely remember as I was in quite the fog =). We finally came home Monday morning, it was a long weekend and I had a pretty rough time. Miss Bree is absolutely perfect and could have gone home much earlier, but we still had to stay for her Mama. I will do a big post on the whole weekend when I get a free moment (hopefully before these 3 monkeys go to college =)) and I have tons of pictures to post that Shane took documenting our eventful hospital stay...let's just say that I could not be happier that my tubes are tied =)...

Until then I can give you some of the pictures I have taken since we came home, I love these kids and my Shane more than ever!!! Bree is doing so well, eating a ton, putting on the weight and is the prettiest thing EVER!!! She has changed so much since yall saw pictures and now looks JUST like Claire's baby pictures...except she has curly hair!!! Love yall and I can't wait to get all updated with you and update yall too!!!!!
Claire as soon as she came home from school Monday!
Guess who's chubby little hand holding his little sister's? Love it...Snoozing on Daddy...Snoozing on Mama...Sweet baby girl in pink and brown!! I could eat this little cupcake up!!!!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

We are in LOVE

Here are tons more pics of the Miss Priss! She is such a doll! SO SO SO pretty! Rachel is doing great as well and on cloud 9. Let's get to the pictures of this pretty little girl.

claire is in awe of her

big brother o

Hope everyone is having a great day! We sure are : )