Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Mama Fashion

I have always been one of those people that had to get ready everyday.  Even if I wanted to bum out and lounge around, I still changed into new pjs and fix my hair :).  Now that I am back in the office, my bum out days are far and few between, and I actually like it.  Like I said in a previous post, I enjoy putting together outfits and getting ready (not the hair drying part, that is the WORST!).  I also mentioned that I love this time of year's fashion. I am 30 and I can no longer dress like a college girl.  I know what looks good on me and I try not to stray, while still staying in the newest trends. Last week, I took pictures of myself every day to document a week's worth of "Working Mama Fashion"...a few disclaimers:

I am totally out of my comfort zone posting pics of myself and I know that Shane and a couple friends are going to make fun of me.  Getting over it :)

I can wear jeans to work as long as I am not a bum.

All but one of these pictures were taken in the ugly work bathroom. I don't have time at home to take them as I am shoo-ing three little ones to the car.

I took these with my real camera mostly because my iPhone is sucking lately.

They have all been Instagram-ed...because everything looks better in Instagram.

I am addicted to cardigans.

So here you go...a work week full of outfits:

Monday - Camel Cardigan from Old Navy, black tank-tunic F21 circa 2009, Ann Taylor Loft Modern Skinnies, necklace Kohls sale rack circa 2010, bracelet F20 circa 2009, wedges Dillards, Antonio Melani

Tuesday Day- Dusty Purple Cardigan Old Navy, Black dress Charming Charlie's, necklace F21, Belt NY&Co, boots Dillards Arturo Chang

Tuesday night - Jace's Football game (sorry bad lighting with iPhone) in my bathroom: Navy cardigan J Crew, gray/tan tank tunic F21, necklace local boutique, Gap Long and Lean jeans, Light Blue Leopard Toms...and cute little girl, Claire Isabella :)

Wednesday Day and Girls' Night - Purple Tunic BCBG, necklaces Francescas, Ann Taylor Curvy Skinnies, wearing tlall black boots but I didn't get a pic!

Thursday - Red Tank Tunic Target (last year), Scarf F21, Striped Cardigan J Crew, Gap Curvy jeans, Red Toms Wedges

Friday - WEAR YOUR COLORS TO WORK DAY! - Gray cardigan American Eagle, LOVE shirt Riff Raff, Scarf Francescas, Ann Taylor Modern Skinnies, Red Ugg Boots.

So there you have it.  So exciting huh?! :)  Tomorrow I will be blogging some of my new organizational things I have found and recipes!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tailgating in the Rain

We had a great weekend.  Friday night, Tara took ALL THREE of my kids to spend the night at her house!!! Shane and I did not know what to do with ourselves but it was a great night without kids!!  Bree did great for Tara and foresee many more nights of her going to :). Tara took some cute pics, but this one was my favorite...

This weekend was another home game for the hogs!  We got a sitter this time and had big plans to tailgate. Wellllllll it started pouring and our plans got ruined.....until Tara came to the rescue!  She had us all over to her house in Fayetteville to tailgate inside :).  The rain stopped just long enough for us to go to the game...good night!

I tried out some more recipes this weekend that I will share tomorrow!  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bree can rock a hospital gown!

That title got your attention didn't it!!  Last week, Bree was sick :(.  She ran a fever one night, all night and we were concerned.  Well, she was better the next day and did not show any other symptoms. Fast forward to Thursday.  Mom calls me from our house that morning and I can hear Bree screaming in the background!!!  She was in major pain every time she peed and was walking around, completely panicked and hurting...while screaming for her Daddy.  I made an appt with her pediatrician for just a couple hours later.  Shane went home and he called me as soon as he got there.  We could not wait for the Dr, we had to take her to the ER immediately!!!  Long story short, they had to cath her and she has a bladder infection :(.  She is better now, but on antibiotics, FOUR times a day!!  It was one of the worst moments of being a parent, seeing her in pain and I PRAY we never do it again!!!  Of course I got pics of her in the hospital gown :)...

Thank you Lord for taking care of our sweet I have lots of fun to blog about from the weekend, and I will shortly...but I could not leave you with sad pics.  Here are the kids before church yesterday....totally NOT into having their pics made :)...

Happy Monday!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy Wednesday!  Every week, things usually come to mind or the Lord presses on my heart something specific I need to share ...but this week, I am having major gratitude placed on my heart.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am challenging myself to treat every day as Thanksgiving, and I think that has brought me to be so thankful for the wonderful people in my life that have helped me so much lately....

I am thankful for a handsome husband that not only makes my laugh and makes me feel beautiful, but also cleans the kitchen, takes out the trash and puts the kids to bed.

I am thankful for my mom that not only corrals Bree all day and keeps my house in order, but also tells me that the shirt I am wearing not only doesn't make me look fat, but slims me.

I am thankful for my nina and papa that not only help my mom with the kids after school so she can do things for Jace, but also they treat my kiddos just like they treated us many years ago and let's them do whatever they want over there :).

I am thankful for wonderful school teachers for my kids that not only put up with the many rambunctious kids in their classes, but know my kids individually and take time out to talk to me when I need them.

I am thankful for my two gorgeous sisters for not only teaching me that there is no better love than the love of your family, but also because they text me things they see that I NEED.

I am thankful for the bestest friend in the whole wide world that not only is there for me whenever I need her and never judges, but also buys me happies like notepads that say "I CARPOOL THEREFORE I AM" :).

I am thankful for one of the sweetest monogrammers in the world that not only gets my monogramming done when I drop it off at the last minute, but texts me when she finds super cute things she knows I will love.

I am thankful for a great Team to work with here that not only give me a hard time about all my monogrammed things and big jewelry, but also buys TONS of cookie dough from my kids' fundraisers.

I am thankful for a mother in law that is always there for us and loves on our kids, but also is the first one to leave the sweetest comments on all my facebook pictures.

I am thankful for the cute sweet Panera boy that not only remembers my name, but always gets the hot cinnamon crunch bagels out of the back for me.

I am thankful for a whole group of dance moms that not only make me laugh and help me with Claire when I need it, but also because they are NOTHING like "Dance Moms".

I am thankful for my handsome step brother Jace because not only is he rocking the field as a Shiloh Saint, but because he is giving us a reason to all get together as a family at his games.

I am thankful for Poppy because not only does he help us out with the kids all the time getting them places, he can make us all laugh like no other!!

I am thankful for the sweet Asian ladies that do my nails because they not only make my nails pretty, but they always bring me my favorite peach water :).

I am thankful for Brachs for candy corn.

I am thankful for Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I am thankful for the Hogs winning two games in a row.

I am thankful for Brooke because she has sweet Bailey...and we love her too :).

I am thankful for Zulily.

I am thankful for Claire because not only has she has learned to brush her entire head of hair and takes one less thing off my list in the morning, but because she walks Owen up to school with her arm around him.

I am thankful for Owen because not only has he learned to turn the Wii on by himself, but because his teacher told me today how much she loves him and how great of a kid he is.

I am thankful for Bree because not only has she learned to talk and can now TELL us what she wants, but also because she loves to cuddle with me at night before bed.

I am thankful for the Lord because not only has He blessed our family more than He should, but because He does.

What are you thankful for?  Write them out.  Trust me, it will make you smile :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Weekend IN

Hey yall!!  Hope it's been a great week so far...only Tuesday, but hey it's not Monday!  I have been super busy so far this week and I feel so lost without catching up on my blogs, facebook, and tweets, but I am taking a few minutes out this afternoon to catch up.  You know, the important stuff :)..

We had a great relaxing weekend.  We spent more time at home than running around and that was nice.  We stayed home Friday night and ate dinner in.  That does not seem like much, but it was really nice.  The kids were so confused and felt like they needed to go to bed early that night for school :)...I did finish up my fall decor inside (working on outside this weekend) is a pic of my mantle. I am doing things different this year and adding Razorback decor to it...

Saturday was football day.  We stayed home and watched football all day and then that night, the Williamsons and Mom and Jake (and Jace) all came over to watch the Razorbacks whoop up on New Mexico.  I made the crockpot pulled pork and it was AWESOME!!  Go to the previous post to find the recipe...The kids had a blast playing outside and it was a good time. 

  After church Sunday, we went to Shane's parents' home for lunch.  Brooke and Bailey were in town and we got to love on her a bunch.  Love this baby!!!!!

Sunday night, we took KFC to my Nina and Papa's for grandparents' day and the kids had a blast playing out back.  The weather was so nice and it was a perfect night to be outside.

One quick funny story - Saturday morning, Owen woke me up to tell me that he had poured himself and Bree little glasses of apple juice. Once it registered that he was pouring apple juice anywhere, I jumped up and found this in the kitchen...

Apple juice poured in shot glasses :)...

Have a great night!!  We are going to watch Jace play ball tonight!!