Friday, September 9, 2011

Try this and that

WOOOHOOO it's Friday!!!  I am so happy it is Friday, I almost forgot I feel terrible with a cold. Almost.  It should be a nice relaxing weekend of football, friends and family time and I am REALLY looking forward to it.

I have been trying new recipes lately from Pinterest and the Crockpot Girls that I want to share.  I am also planning on cooking a few others that I think will be delicious.

Last week I cooked Chicken Enchilada Pasta and it was DELICIOUS!!!  I loved it even more the next day!  Seriously, if yall love Mexican, it is a keeper!! 
Last night we had Crockpot French Dip Subs. They were soooooo good and the house smelled AWESOME!  Here is the recipe:

Chuck Roast (don't know what size, it cost me $12)
Can of Beer
Can Beef Broth
Packet of Onion Soup mix

Put all in Crockpot and cook on low ALL DAY. Serve on toasted hoagies with mozzeralla cheese.


Tomorrow night, we are having mom and Jake and the Williamsons over to watch the Hog game so I am making Pulled Pork Sandwiches and here is the recipe I am using:

Pork Loin (agian not sure how big, it looks like it will completely fill my crock pot)
Can of Cranberry sauce
Bottle of BBQ sauce

Put all in a crockpot all day and pull apart before eating. 

I will let yall know if it turns out!

I found this on Pinterest and made it last week for the girls' sleepover. They are Oreo Bars made like Rice Krispie treasts, just with crushed Oreos!! YUMMO!! Mine did not look like this as I did not crush mine as fine, but they were still good!!

Other randoms...

I bought this lotion the other day at Bath and Body Works, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Now, I am not always keen on all smelly lotions but this one is acutally very light and gives a really warm smell.  I like the body cream best from there...

Bought these for Claire this morning on zulily!  They have to wear tennis shoes to school and I am always looking for new, different ones. These are even navy, her school colors!  I may or may not have bought two pairs for Claire and a pair for Bree :). 

Owen got these :)!! Great prices!!

Okay - I guess that is all my rambling...have a great weekend and unless your football team is New Mexico, good luck!! :))))  GO HOGS!!!


dottie said...

Oh my goodness!! Those Oreo bars look sooo good!!!

So does that pasta. Starvin Marvin here. Ha,ha!

Brandi said...

I too love Pinterest for all the recipes!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!! cute shoes!!

Kate said...

LOVE LOVE the shoes!

Sarah said...

I love the sweet cinnamon pumpkin from bath and body works!!!! And those recipes looks yummy!!! Hope you're having a good weekend! : )