Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been nothing short of busy!  Shane and I have both been traveling for work a ton, Claire is in dance competition season and we are still the busy crew we have always been on top of it!  We are managing pretty well...I only had one small meltdown :).  The best way to see what has been going on with us is my Instagram feed!  Here is the low down on the Browns for the last couple weeks...

For the first time in years, Shane and I were both home for Valentine's Day.  For some reason, that week has always been a busy travel week for us, but we were both home this year.  It was a good one this year.  I love my Valentines so much and they are so good to me :)

Bree handing out her "balentines" to her dance buddies :)

 The kids gourmet breakfast for V-day - Owen told me I was the best cooker ever!
 My three sweeties at Nonna and Poppy's house for our family v-day dinner :)

Shane does not think men should receive gifts on valentines day so I always have to sneak something in before the acutal day.  This was his gift one night after the kids were down :)
 Bree loving Nonna's fancy pink drinks at dinner :) 

 Claire and Owen's Valentines for their classmates - Pinterest for the win!!!

Valentine PJs!! Well, Owen's were not really, but he liked these much better :) 

Shane's gift to me :) - he knows me too well :)

Us on Valentine's Day - He proposed on Valentine's Day 12 years ago :) 

Owen before he went to school for his v-day party.  Remember that meltdown I mentioned? Well that was this day.  Claire had a dance competition so we had to leave town that morning and not only had to miss her party but, I had to miss Owen's. I may have cried after he left for school with his Daddy. He has a good Daddy that came to his party :)

Bree decided one night she was going to sleep in her bed.  Glad I did not hold my breath. DID NOT HAPPEN.  But it made for a cute pic :)
 Fat Tuesday! I picked up King cake and beads at Copelands and we had our own mardi gras :)

Like I said, we have been traveling quite a bit. I went to Laguna Beach, CA. I was not too sad :)
 Shane had to travel the same week and Mom and Jake had to watch the three musketeers. Mom sent me this pic the morning I was boarding a plane to come home.  My little love bugs!
 And we were reunited!!!

This weekend, Shane and I even got a date night!!

Lastly, this week Claire had an American Heroes Project.  They had to do a book report, a big project board, and dress up as their American Hero. Claire chose Clara Barton.  At first I was shocked, but Clara Barton is a bada*s and was a big activist for women's rights many years ago.  Claire picked a good one :).  She had to dress up and be in the wax museum.  She did so well!! We were so proud!!!

Life is crazy and we have our moments, but I would not trade it for the world!

Thursday, February 14, 2013