Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday - Fall Fashion!

Happy Friday y'all!!!  I am linking up again with Darci and the crew!

Today's Five on Friday is all about Fall Fashion! This past weekend I bought Glamour's 1,001 Best Ever Fall Do's and Don'ts and OMG - I actually loved it and got something out of it!  See Bree was even shocked :)
It inspired me to get to picking up a few Fall pieces and I am pumped about the Fall!  
So here are 5 things I am planning to wear this Fall:
1. Leopard booties - I have seen these adorable booties all over the internet and mags. I knew I had to have them when even Teddy on Good Luck Charlie had a pair on in the last episode I saw :).  I bought these Steve Madden ones and they came yesterday - I AM IN LOVE!! I love booties more than tall boots so I know I will get some major wear out of these! They will look great for work and play!
2. Over-sized Button Downs - I have been really trying to collect more items that are timeless and essentials.  My goal right now is to find a couple over-sized button downs, similar to menswear.  I don't want them to be too big and want them to still look tailored.  I have always wanted the perfect shirt, but with my larger chest and being taller, it has been hard.  I am bound determined this year. I feel like once I find the one I like, I could live in a white button down at least once a week and look different every time! I have ordered a couple, even men's ones, so I will let y'all know :) Here are some pics from Pinterest page - sorry could not get the links to work grrrrr - but my pinterest link is below the pics.
Rachel's Pinterest page so these ladies can get their creds!
3. Embellished Sweatshirts - I have seen embellished sweatshirts all over the mags and I might have squealed with delight! Sweatshirt with bling and it is fashionably acceptable?! HECK YEAH! I have seen many already and my faves have leather and plaid on them.
Here are some cute ones I found at F21 (I ordered from Plus so they would be roomy for me :) )

4. Cute Hog Gear!!  No secret around here that we are big Hog fans!! Every good SEC girl should have fabulous shirts to wear on game day! We have taken a hiatus from our tailgating days with the kids and all, so I picked up some cute shirts this year to wear at home from my fave boutiques here in NWA...first one from Impressions - second two from Riffraff!

5. Cardigans - Duh! I have never met a cardigan I did not like - true story. They are perfect for work and are probably my most favorite piece of clothing!  Here are two new ones I picked up, first from Copper Peacock and the second from Blue Door!

Happy shopping! Let me know if you find something I NEED!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

All a Mother's Heart Can Handle

Blog hiatus thanks to some of the busiest weeks of the year = one big post with lots of pics and me crying about my kids growing up too fast...shall we? :)

In one single week this year, Owen turned 7, the kids started school, Bree turned 4 and we had a huge party at the house!  If that is not enough to drive me to crazy-ville, I am not sure what will :)!

Owen Keith Brown turned 7 years old on August 14th! SEVEN YEARS OLD!  How in  H E double hockey sticks did that happen?  I remember when Claire turned 7, I thought she was so old, and now my baby boy is that old?!  Owen has grown up so much over the last year, especially the summer. He is such a good boy, aims to please, loves Jesus, loves his family, and is usually always happy.  He loves football and Xbox. He loves steak, french fries, and chocolate ice cream.  He is so funny and loves to make us laugh.  He is my boy and always will be.  We celebrated on his actual birthday with pizza, cake, and going to to see Planes...

On his birthday eve :)...

The kid's combined birthday party was that weekend, but that will be another post :).

The kids started school on August 19th.  First and Fourth grade!  They have absolutely fabulous teachers this year and we could not be more thrilled!!  In true Rachel fashion, I barely held it together to get them to class on their first day and then cried all the way to work after leaving the school :).

 Owen's Teacher and I surprised him with getting to celebrate his birthday on the first day of school :)
 Bree did not start school this year but she had her back to school shirt :)
 Homework on the first night...
 Owen Brown goes to school looking like a stud, hair spiked, clothes pressed and clean.  He comes home from school as a dirty mess!!!  This kid must be having a blast at school!

On August 21st, Bree Leighton turned 4!  Good Lord help me, she can NOT be FOUR!!?? Bree is our little ham! She loves all things with sparklers (aka sparkles) and hot pink.  She is always singing and/or dancing!  She loves "sumgetti", pizza, and chicken. She loves to watch movies and play outside. She loves her family and all her people! She is "queen Bee" as we call her and pretty much rules the roost at the Brown home...and we all are pretty much okay with it :).

Nicole got her fancy play heels for her bday and they rarely leave her feet...crazy thing is she can walk in them like a boss, for real!!!!
 Birthday Eve in her bday pajamas :)...
 I got her up early on her birthday so we could eat breakfast as a family before I carried sleepy Bree from her room telling her happy birthday, she says "Mama, don't forget my birthday dress :)
 We celebrated that night with "sumgetti" and cookie cake :)

Post to come about the kids fun birthday party, school days, and the rest of my instagram feed :)