Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Begging for Bedtime??

Yesterday Owen did not get a nap, so he was beyond exhausted at bed time. He was actually asking to go to bed! So Shane put him in his bed with a movie as usual and Claire wanted to watch it with him. Mom and Jake came over to drop the kids' laundry off (LOVE my Mom) and Mom went upstairs to check on him as we had just put him down...

We found him like this....asleep sitting straight up!!!
Daddy thought it would be funny to pose with him...Then Poppy too...
Then Claire had to join in...
I had to put a halt to it when they started saying they should draw on his face =)!! That was one tired boy =)!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kicking into high gear!

We had a great weekend!! We actually had TWO date nights!! Yes, you read that right!!! Friday night we went to dinner to my new favorite restaurant Table Mesa with Chad and Jennifer (Shane's brother and wife). We had such an awesome time and the food was AMAZING!! Thanks you two for such a fun night! We had planned that dinner last week and my grandparents watched the kids, they had a blast at Nina and Papa's! Then Saturday night, Mom and Jake took the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens and that gave us one more night to go out for dinner and hit the mall to finish up our Easter clothing shopping for the kiddos. We love our family so much and are so thankful for them!!

So now that we are only about 5 months aways from the arrival of little angel Bree, it is time to kick the planning into high gear!! If you know me well at all, you know I live for this kind of stuff =)!!! Over the last couple of days I have been really starting to feel her move, she is a night owl and really starts moving after dinner...

Friday - I did my first shopping for the little Miss! I bought her some blankets that are being monogrammed with her name and initials, as well as some super cute burp cloths! I also bought some tiny headbands that she will be able to wear when she is born that I can just slide any of our many hair bows in our current collection!! It has been so long since we were able to shop for my own baby girl, me, Mom, and Claire had so much fun (Owen could careless and was making his own fun=))! I am kind of insane about monogramming and that was just the beginning of what there is to get =)!! She already has her first outfit as Tara went out the day to get her the cutest little outfit!! I will post pictures later this week when I go pick up the blankets!

I am looking for fun places on Etsy and Ebay to find fun things for not only Bree, but Claire and O as well...do you know of any good places to shop? What are your favorites? I have a bunch of great fun boutiques here, and you know I love Bibs and Cribs, but I have not figured out the Etsy thing????

All day Saturday, Shane and I cleaned out and organized the upstairs. I am embarrassed to tell you how many trash bags of stuff was thrown away from Claire's room, but let's just say things look soooooooo much better up there!! While cleaning out her closet, I found the only crate of baby clothes I had left from Claire. You see, once we found out that Owen was a boy, we went ahead and sold or gave away all of Claire's clothes except for the really nice ones or the ones I never wanted to part with. We just knew that we were done, yeah, I am kicking myself now. But the clothes in this crate, OMG, they gave my chills!!! They totally took me back to such a long time ago of Claire as a baby!!! It seemed like yesterday she wore this stuff, I was holding back tears...until the little butt comes in furiously telling us that we do not need to throw away whatever she sees in the trash bag =)...oh Claire how you have grown =)!

We finished Owen's room, his now big boy room =(. He is now sleeping through the night in his big bed and loving it!! We got Claire a new TV and gave him her old one, so he thinks he is big stuff being able to watch movies in his room =). Last night I went to check on the kids as they had gotten really quiet and was 9:30pm...well Claire was snoozing away in her bed and so sweet...Owen was jumping on his bed to the current song playing on Shrek =). Here is the big boy showing off his new room and big bed...happy as can be =)...Oscar loves the bed too - he is always up there with O - they are buds =)....

Now that we have organized the upstairs and Owen's room is done - nursery planning is underway! Claire is also getting a new big girl room. Bree is getting a gorgeous off white and gold nursery, while Claire is getting a big girl room full of jewel tones, black, and all things girly! I seriously cannot wait to complete them!! Again - if you know me well - you know I am loving this =)!

One last thing - hop on over to Lane's blog as they just announced they are expecting Baby #2!!!!!! We are so excited and we know that Claire, Owen, and Bree are just going to love their new cousin!!! Sterling is going to be a great big brother! The Brown family is just full of excitement!!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!! I am off to a date on the couch with a sweet brown eyed beauty and Dancing with the Stars (one of her favorite shows)!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Bree's Big Sister AND Brother!

Can I even begin to tell you how excited these two are about their baby sister??? Life does not get much better than this!!!!!

And here is our little beauty - sorry so blurry, but she is sitting indian style, with her little hands by her head =). Check out those chubby cheeks and that chubby baby belly!!

What are my favorites???

So I totally stole this from Allison, but this was just too cute. She is a newlywed and she asked her new hubby to answer what are her favorites in the following categories. He did really well, so I thought "I wonder how well Shane would do??" since we have been married for 7.5 years and together for 12 years, surely he would do as well???!! So I emailed him, thinking he was way to busy to complete it and I got it back in 2 minutes!!

What is my favorite…… Shane's answers are in Red, mine are in the parentheses.

  • Song- Constantly changes (probably a Brittany Spears song) (Right now Poker Face by Lady Gaga, My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson, or Brittney Spears Circus)

  • Food- Mexican (MEXICAN!)

  • Color-Red (Red)

  • Time of day-11am (I would say 6pm when Shane gets home, but 11am is pretty good, LUNCH)

  • Drink-Dr. Pepper (Diet Coke)

  • Alcohol-Margarita (On the rocks with no salt, however, I think you were drinking frozen just before you got prego) (Margarita - frozen or on the rocks as long as it has tequila and NO SALT)

  • Store-Hobby Lobby or a Kids Clothing store (BLAH–WRONG!!!! Forever 21)

  • City-New York (New York)

  • Candy-something gummie (anything gummie and Txix)

  • Flower-Red Rose (Roses)

  • Holiday-Christmas (Christmas)

  • Restaurant - Las Fajitas (Las Fajitas)

I think my favorite answer from him is my favorite time of day - he thought lunch!!! I have to add the email he sent back to me after I sent my answers back...

I am contesting the two you say I missed. Your pregnancy has you drinking Diet Coke but we all know once Bree is born you are going to have a big Sonic Route 44 Dr. Pepper!!! I thought about forever 21 but you spend more time in the stores I listed!!!

Honey, you may be right about DP, the Diet Coke thing is just a craving - but you have obviously not seen how long me, Mom, Tara and Nicole can shop in Forever 21. Just ask Claire and O - Claire immediately says "I hate this store" when we walk in...and Owen starts crying and demanding a cookie!!!!

Join in if you want - this was easy and fun!! Hope your week is going well! Stay tuned for a post soon of Claire and Owen showing off "pictures" of their baby sister =)!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Footballs or Crowns??????

We just got back from our ultrasound and have the best news!!!

My hemorrhage or abruption has almost completely healed!! I cannot tell you how happy we are at that news as we have prayed and prayed and so many others have as well!! Praise the Lord that He has taken such wonderful care of............


Yep - it's a girl!!! We took Claire with us and she was over the moon that she is going to have a little sister!! Shane and I are so happy to have another sweet little girl! She was just gorgeous and I got some great pics from the ultrasound that I will post later. She is growing perfectly and has a nice little belly on her, as well as chubby cheeks =)!

I cried today as He has answered our prayers and in 5 short months we will be graced with another sweet angel to make our family complete!!!!

I love yall and thank you so much for your prayers!! We are off to dinner to celebrate...let the shopping begin =)!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Boy Transition!

So the time has come for my little Owen to grow up more =(. We took down his crib last night and moved the queen guest bed into his room. The baby bed is now for the baby and we don't have a guest bed...let the games begin!!! There is a funny story behind all of this...

Last June, one Saturday, Shane was watching Owen and Claire and I was shopping with the girls and Mom. Shane called me and said that Owen had fallen out of his crib again so he was going to go ahead and remove the front of his crib. OWEN LOVED IT!! He took a nap that day and did so well. We were so proud and even took pictures...

Now before I go on - How stinking cute was he???!!! These pictures alone make me so happy I am having another baby as I would be in a nuthouse if I did not have that to lean on as my baby is growing up!!!!! Anyways.....

So that night, we were anxious to see how Owen slept. If you have kept up with me for awhile, you know Owen is not too big on sleeping...AT ALL!! He has slept all night probably a total of 2 months of his life. But, he was so excited that day and did take a nap, we were somewhat optimistic. Then it was 2am - Owen was screaming at the top of his lungs at the gate in the doorway of his room (the kids are upstairs). He is absolutely terrified and wanted NOTHING to do with the crib....so at 2am, Shane has his drill out and he is putting the crib back together =). Owen went right back to bed and has not fallen out or even tried to climb out again. So fast forward to March 2009...

Owen still does not sleep through the night. The kid is waaaaaay to old for this and just wears us out!!!! He will cry and cry and cry and he will come up with any excuse to get us to come upstairs, just to name a few:

  • Owen will yell "Gee Gee GEEEEEEEE" which means drink. For awhile he would sleep through the night because we started sending a cup with him to bed. Now, that is old news and he will throw his cup out of the bed (I mean chunk it at the door) and then yell at us to come get it for him.
  • Owen will yell "I pooped I pooped". This worked a few times as one of us would go check him and he was totally lying and just wanted us to come get him. Once when I was upstairs telling him to lay down, he told me he "pooped" and I told him he didn't and he proceeded to push as hard as he could until he passed gas...niiiiiice.
  • Owen will yell "Light on Light on" which means to come turn either his closet light on or the hall light or maybe even it means to turn them off...whatever it takes...
  • Owen will start "fake coughing" pretending he is throwing up - that was pretty creative =).

The newest - he will yell "I scared!" - which totally kills me. One morning I brought him down at 5am to just let him sleep with us as I really think he was scared...and that is when it all went downhill. He was officially done with his crib. Saturday night he screamed alllllll niiiiiight long. He would just yell "your bed your bed YOUR BED", so we decided to make some changes.

Last night we started with Claire sleeping in the bed with him and we put a TV in his room so they could watch movies together in "Owen's Big Boy Bed"!. Shane and I checked on the 2 of them to see if they had finally fallen asleep and it was hilarious - the both were asleep, but they fell asleep with Owen's head in Claire's back and Claire's arm pushing him away =). Shane moved Owen back and fixed Claire's arm, but Owen started to move, so as every smart parent does, me and Shane hit the floor so he would not see us =)! You probably have never seen a pregnant woman move so fast =)! So they fell asleep fine, but about 1am, Owen woke up, confused. So I slept with him for the rest of the night and he did really well. He slept all night and woke up in a great mood. Shane and I got a better night's sleep too! I did learn that Owen talks in his sleep - no joke, he kept on saying "I want my fooball, I want my fooball!" =).

I will put up pictures of the big boy in his new bed later when I get his comforter and all that done - hopefully this weekend! Everything is starting to change around here and before we know it, Owen will not be the baby anymore....well he will always be in my eyes...just as Claire's big brown eyes are the exact same as when I would feed here in the middle of the night and she would just stare at me...I love my babies!!!!!!!!

Next time we talk - hopefully we will know just who the next baby will be!!!!!!! I also hope I am not telling you all about Shane assembling a crib at 3am =)!!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Owen Brown has been in Aisle 6

The scene - Shane, me, Claire and Owen making a quick trip to WalMart to pick up some "necessities". Owen is riding in the cart (not in the seat, but with the groceries), furiously as he wants to "waaaaaallllkkk". We are finally done, just picked up some ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches, making our way to the cash registers. Owen is mad that we put the ice cream in the cart with him for two reasons: 1. He wants to open them NOW! and 2. "They are coooooold!". So he proceeds to throw, I mean CHUNK, one of the boxes out of the cart. We all laugh, Shane gets on to him and we keep moving. Shane moves the huge thing of paper towels kind of on top of Owen to be funny and keep Owen still. Owen is laughing....

We walk a ways farther, when all of a sudden, a thing of dish washing soap comes flying out of the cart, spraying soap everywhere, including Shane's face, shirt and glasses!! Falling to the ground, the soap is all OVER the place. Shane moves the towels and Owen is covered in soap as well as ALL of our groceries!!! We are all laughing so hard....I grab the soap bottle off the floor and we pick up the pace....

Fun Saturday night with the Browns!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday is the DAY!!!!!

Tuesday afternoon at 3 - we will find out footballs or crowns with Baby #3!!!!!!! I was supposed to have a Dr's appt today and we were maybe going to have an ultrasound, but my Dr is sick with the flu. So the nurse called me this morning, said he felt bad as he knew that I was wanting to see him today, so he told her to schedule me for an ultrasound next week on Tuesday!!!! I am absolutely bursting with excitement as this is earlier than usual, but they should be able to tell!! As well, I really want to see this sweet baby again and know that everything is okay and he or she is progressing right on track. It is going to be a looooong couple of days, but I think we will manage =). Tonight, we are kid free as both kids are spending the night with Nana and Papa. Our big plans - to be in bed by 8 and sleep in tomorrow =)!!

Have a great weekend and I will leave you with a funny Claire quote...

Claire: (referring to some boy on a TV show she was watching on Nick) "Mama, do you like Wade?"
Mama: "I don't know, I guess." (not really paying attention while I work on my computer)
Claire: "I do, I think he is HOT!"
Mama: (interest perked now!!) "What? Do you know what that means?"
Claire: "Yep, it means he is GORGEOUS!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Resting Buddies

Since I have been put on "take it easy" or "pelvic rest", there are not many people in this house that are thrilled with it. Owen is mad I cannot carry him around, Claire gets bored with me, and Shane just has his hands full (being the good hubby though, not complaining). But there are 2 little ones that are happy about it....Cooper and Oscar! They love to snuggle up with me on the couch everyday and "take it easy" too =). Today they went to the groomer and vet for baths, Cooper to be shaved, and get their shots. They both are worn out and smell extra good =), great time for some pictures =)!!!

Cooper George - yes, laying on a clean load of towels =)...
Oscar - EXHAUSTED as they let him play behind the desk at our vet with the puppies =). Almost Friday!!!! Shane's parents are planning on letting all the grand-kids spend the night (5 kids, ages 2 - 6) so we are looking forward to a nice, quiet night tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Claire's Fun Day!

According to Claire, her "most favoritest day ever" was this past Monday. Her bestest friend Halle invited her to her birthday festivities. Halle and Claire are in dance class together and I love her Mom, Alyssa. Alyssa let Halle invite 2 friends to spend the day with her on her birthday. So here are some of the cutest pictures you will EVER see!!!!
The girls left dance class to have their nails and toes and done, lunch at none other than McDonalds, movies to see Hotel for Dogs and then to Halles's play all afternoon! Claire had so much fun!! Alyssa made their shirts and the girls of course wore tutus (Halle's is a gift from Claire made by Bibs and Cribs)!! Go to see Alyssa's blog for more pictures, she got some great ones (I stole a few =))!

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

I love my little leprechauns...even after the morning we had=). Both kids slept in and would not get up for school. So being the pregnant mom I am, I gave in and enjoyed a bowl of Lucky Charms and decided we would spend St. Patty's Day at home. When the little stinkers woke up, both were upset we were not going to school, especially Claire. She was so upset that she was not going to get to wear her brand new shirt from Mrs. Amanda to school to show her friends. So, I threw them in the tub, clothed them in their green and ran through Sonic to pick up their lunches, making it to school 45 minutes late! I think I still might pinch them =)!! Hope you have a great day in your green!! Mom is having a St. Patrick's Day dinner tonight!!