Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Me Today

1. I despise the Bachelor!! I liked Melissa and I am so happy with how she handled him last night. We had our usual Bachelor night over here with the girls and we were all screaming at the TV!! We knew it was going to happen as Tara practically is in talks with ABC =)...The best part of the night...Tara made awesome spinach alfredo and we had chocolate fondue!!!

2. Poppy bought Owen a Cowboys uniform, (it is soft as pajamas, but looks just like a uniform) with pads and a real helmet. I had to literally fight the kid this morning to change him for school as he wore it to bed. He ended up wearing the jersey over his clothes. I had to pry the helmet off his head just as we were walking out the door, Owen was FURIOUS!!!!

3. Claire's dance class light bulb has lit up!! She has always given me a hard time about going to dance class every Monday morning. Sunday night she was griping about it as usual. Shane and I started talking to her about the big recital coming up and that is why she is dance class. You should have seen her eyes...."Me, on stage?...Dancing in a pretty costume??". She could not get to class fast enough yesterday and she was FOCUSED!! All night last night, she was practicing her routine and was so proud of herself. She is all about that stage performance!! Did I mention that we realized yesterday that her dance recital is on the same day as my little sister Nicole's college graduation? Yeah...me and Claire are going to miss it =(. Her Nursing Pinning Ceremony is the night before and we will be able to make that. The funny thing is that our entire family will be in Joplin that morning and then they are going to run back here to make it to Claire's dance debut =). One more thing....Claire and BFF Halle are the tallest sweeties in class and they are right in the middle of the line up...I will be honest - I am thrilled to death =)!! You know I am going to be one of those Moms HAHA!!

4. Me and the baby seem to doing okay! I cannot tell you how much I love my family and how much they have helped me over the last week! Shane has pretty much taken over with the kids at night and is doing everything!! I can barely carry Owen and definitely not up and down the stairs. So, I love my Shane sooooooo much!! Mom has been there for me everyday, picking up the house, taking care of the kids and doing anything to help!! Tara is here all the time doing what she can and she made dinner last night!! Jennifer brought us dinner last week when we got back from Dallas, and my mother in law Becky is taking care of us tonight!! I love all of yall so much and you have made this so much easier on me!!! I have not made a meal since I got back in town!!! I am officially in the last week of the first trimester. Even my Team with work has been so helpful and ordered me to take it easy!!

5. I had to buy new clothes this week as I am out growing EVERYTHING!! Someone please come out with some affordable, DECENT, Maternity clothes!!! I have treated myself to some expensive pieces that I will wear often (Love Juicy), but I just want some easy to wear plain shirts and comfy pants that are not expensive!! It seems like Maternity clothes in some stores are stuck a few seasons back!!!!

6. This weekend our best friends from OK are coming in town and I am so excited!! She is pregnant too with a little boy and we love to get together and gripe about how bad we want a margarita =)!! House guests are going to start going away as we prepare for this baby and he or she takes over the guest room, so I really want to enjoy being able to have people stay!! And in true AR fashion, we are melting snow to have 70 degree weather the rest of the week!!!!!

I will post later with pics of O in his new football uniform and just maybe a Bump picture of me!! I am off to lunch and then go pick up the little stinkers from school!! Have a good day!!


CAMoore said...

Soo glad you are feeling better! I hated maternity clothes...I just boxed up all my crap that I wore (promise...you wouldn't want a thing) and it felt sooo good to say BYE BYE maternity clothes. I hated shopping b/c everything was so dated and not in style.
N E WAYS - yeah for Claires recital! I would be "one of those moms" if I were you too! You are just a proud momma!

The Heckathorns said...

Believe me i'll be one of those moms too! LOL! I'm glad you're taking it easy! Can't wait to see O in the uniform and the baby bump pic!!! :)

Carolyn said...

I am SO thankful that you're feeling better...God is so good!!

I cannot WAIT to see pictures of the baby bump Rachel! And thank you for the sweet comments...I will take pictures of 'halftime' and post them for you. :)


Megan said...

Tara cracks me up with all of her Bachelor information!! So fun that you all watched the show together!
Glad you are feeling better and taking it easy, you are blessed to have so much great help around you!!

Alyssa said...

so glad everyone is taking care of you!! did you check motherhood for clothes? maternity clothes are a *bleep*!!

wish i would've been there for the bachelor screaming. i don't know what he could possibly have to say tonight! ugh.

anyway, see you thursday!!

Alyssa said...

and at least we don't have them in beauty pageants....yet HAHA!!

amy (metz) walker said...

I'm glad to hear everything is ok with you and the baby! About the Bachelor, I agree...total trash!

Amanda said...

So... I can't even remember everything I wanted to say because have a comment on each number, but... Anyway, glad you are feeling okay, I should have the OK gift ready for you (will call you after I pick it up Thursday), Claire and Owen crack me up, and I got a ton of "maternity" clothes at F21 and Target. I had a few good pieces from Cravings! but for the basics, inexpensive was my mantra! You're lucky--cute maxi dresses are hot for the spring/summer again! Comfy and cute! =)

LyndsAU said...

1. I am with you on the Bachelor!!

2. so glad you and baby are doing so well :)

3. you have a great family to help you out so much :) so sweet!!

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Wow! I can't believe the recital is almost here! Time flys by so quickly these days! Claire is going to steal the show!

I can just picture Owen in his Cowboys uniform now! ADORABLE!!!

Rachel, you have nothing to worry about...you always look great!

USCEmily said...

Your children are precious! And I'm glad to hear everything is going okay with you and the baby!!

Tara Gibson said...

i will get you those pics of o in his uniform today! soo freaking adorable!

I cant wait to see claire on the stage! She was born for that!

Yeah me and ABC are tight!lol

i need to design some maternity clothes! I dont understand why they think preggo ladies dont want to dress cute?!?!

writing4612 said...

i knew your family would help. :) Owen is all about some football.

We had snow this week...in GEORGIA. We never, never have snow, we got a lot. It's crazy how much the wather has been changing.

Maggie said...

I'm glad you are feeling better, and very glad that you have been able to take it easy!! You have such a wonderful support group around you, Rachel. You are very blessed!! I know what you mean about the maternity selection. I remember feeling like I had to wear the same things over and over again when I was preg w/ Jonah. There's just nothing cute out there that is not overly expensive! BLAH!