Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mini Vacay

Since Mama got all knocked up and had some issues, we don't get to take a big vacation this year =(. But I have some energy back and I wanted to do some fun things with the kids this summer that were not too far or long. The perfect opportunity came about this weekend! Our best friends that live in Bartlesville, OK, Travis, Erin and Owen's girlfriend Emma, just had their new baby boy this past week, Sam! So we loaded up Friday night after Shane got home from work and drove over to OK and stayed the night in a hotel to see the new baby. The kids had a blast! As you know, Claire is an old pro =) at staying in hotels, but Owen was a newbie and was literally bouncing off the walls, even at 12am!! Here are a bunch of pictures from our short trip...

Claire and Owen in their pjs at the hotel Friday night!

Owen taking it all in....and jumping on the bed =) Claire being goofy...The next morning...I had already bought baby Sam tons of gifts so I wanted to bring something to Erin. So Mom made me this fabulous container and I filled it with some oil and lotion (coconut scent mmmmm) and of course a bottle of Cuervo Gold Margarita =)!!The kids actually slept in and we did not have time for breakfast!! So we headed over to the Perry's for a cookout and some baby time!!! Claire with Sam! He was 9lbs 2oz!!! He is a big boy and super cute!! This made us all so excited for Bree!!Claire and the new big sister Emma checking on baby boy...Owen was not too interested, just every once in awhile he would say "Where baby?" If you look closely you will see that I gave that awesome head of hair a mohawk =)
Shane and Travis took the kids to a fun park that afternoon... Before we left to come back to AR, we had some ice cream cones!!We had a great trip and the kids did really well!! We are going to try to do a few more things like this before August!! Hope you had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Springtime FUN!

I think with this post, I am officially caught up! I was looking through Mom's camera and realized that she had tons of fun pictures from the last few weeks that I needed!! Mom and Jake have been so much help to me and Shane this Spring! Shane has been really swamped with work and I am just tired all the time. So they have taken the kids off our hands so much and given us much needed breaks! Here are a bunch of random pictures from Claire and Owen's Spring with Nonna and Poppy...

Owen found Jace's baseball bag... Lunch and shopping!!! I miss his hair!!!! This Saturday morning Claire was helping Poppy in the yard...Owen was mad they were not playing "ballbase" (or otherwise known as baseball)
Nonna and Poppy took them to a Natural's Baseball game! Random morning where the kids were dressed cute and we took their picture on Mom's front porch...Owen was in a mood...
What a wonderful Spring!! We are so thankful for our family!!! Here's to a summer full of fun...and a nice present at the end =)!!

Owen and the Pregnant Mama

We are getting guttering put on our house as well as getting some siding repaired today. The men working on our house apparently left for more materials or a break?? I did not know as we came home to two very large and high ladders in our backyard (as well as a nest of baby birds on our patio table, only one alive, thanks guttering guys =() and no men working. Owen fell asleep in the car ride home so I just laid him down in his room. Claire is dozing off on the couch..all is quiet and well in the Brown I thought. I am working (read checking all my favorite blogs) when Claire calmly yells at me "Mama, Owen is outside climbing the ladder". It took me a second and then I jump up and run across the house to the back door to see my 2½ year old to the very top of this VERY tall ladder!!! The same 2½ year old that was supposed to be asleep upstairs and I never heard go outside (I did hear Cooper and Oscar at the door wanting to go outside and what I thought was Claire letting them out). I have to climb this stupid ladder and drag Owen off of the very top rung, me, very pregnant, Rachel that has a hard time carrying Owen at all. Of course he was screaming and furious with me...I was soooooo stressed out!!! Good times...

Owen loves flip flops, but only one pair (even though we have bought him many super cute pairs) that used to be Claire's that I think were actually boys that my grandmother got her last year. She wore them to the lake and dirty places like know me, this should not surprise you. Well, O found them a couple weeks ago and we have to hide them from him as he can barely walk in him and he wears them like this...
We laugh at him, but you know it has to hurt his little feet, but he does not care! He insists on wearing them.
Hope you had a good day!!!

Girls and Hats!!

Still trying to play catch up here - last week was a great Kitchen Queens party - Southern Derby!! We all wore hats, including Miss Claire!! Mom embellished ours and we had so much fun dressing up! Here are a few pictures of us in our gear...Claire was LOVING it!!!!
Go to the KQ blog to see many more pictures! The food was great and we had such a great time ladies!!!

I know that poor Owen has been getting the blog shaft lately =)...Owen pictures to come soon =)!!