Monday, January 28, 2013

NYE 2012...welcome 2013!

As we have done in the past, we all got dressed up, kids included (thank goodness Santa brought the girls NYE dresses!), and we all go to dinner and party together. It is so much fun and this year was a blast!!  Nonna even had a dance floor with disco ball!!!  

Predictable Catch Up Post

Time to do the annual - "Catch up the blog to the current year" post!  What can I say? I am as predictable as  Owen's face when I don't make chicken or hotdogs.  So let's go back to Christmas.  

We had a great Christmas! The kids were so into it and we all had a blast.  Here are a gazillion pictures, out of order...honestly, this may never load on your computer :)

All of us girls dressed up, loaded up, and drove to Little Rock to see White Christmas...

We had a cooking day and that night we had a PJ Gingerbread House party :)

We went to the Square to see the lights with the family on Daddy's Birthday (holla - Shane is 33 now!)...

Finally it was Christmas!

Next up New Years! I am sure yall are so excited :)