Monday, January 28, 2013

Predictable Catch Up Post

Time to do the annual - "Catch up the blog to the current year" post!  What can I say? I am as predictable as  Owen's face when I don't make chicken or hotdogs.  So let's go back to Christmas.  

We had a great Christmas! The kids were so into it and we all had a blast.  Here are a gazillion pictures, out of order...honestly, this may never load on your computer :)

All of us girls dressed up, loaded up, and drove to Little Rock to see White Christmas...

We had a cooking day and that night we had a PJ Gingerbread House party :)

We went to the Square to see the lights with the family on Daddy's Birthday (holla - Shane is 33 now!)...

Finally it was Christmas!

Next up New Years! I am sure yall are so excited :)

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dbell said...

Glad you are posting! Love both blogs!!! Will you be selling anymore clothes?? :)