Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Little Punkins...

Happy Halloween Week!!!  My three little punkins have been dressed festively all week and we are having fun!!  Whether they are going to school (Claire everyday of course, Owen just one day so far this week) or just lunching, shopping or sitting around looking cute while Mama works (chubby punkin Bree), they have donned their best orange, black, or purple attire all week!! 

My first little punkin is been a busy bee this week!!  So bad, she in under the weather today and stayed home from school :(.  She has been busy with dance, cheer clinic everyday until 445 and then just busy with school.  She is still not feeling great at this moment, but she did get in a picture with the other wild ones!  Claire is acting so mature these days and it just blows my mind!! Her birthday, big number 7, is a month from tomorrow and that makes me want to get in bed and CRY!!!!  We have a fun party planned that you will hear about soon.  She has been doing well in school and adjusting really perfectly.  We actually had the pleasure of meeting the legendary "H" or "Playground Casanova" at a local pizza place last week....let me just say Claire has great taste in boys like her Mama :)...

My second little punkin is quite the ham these days!!! Owen Brown cracks us up and is all over the place!!! He has developed an attitude as well and he and I have had a few moments if you know what I mean.  Overall, he is a great kid.  We went to his first parent teacher conference last week and his teacher loves him!! So much that she has a hard time getting on to him if he flashes her that cheesy smile...funny!  He still wont eat anything but his favs (hotdogs, chicken etc) and drinks a whole box of Capri Sun a day...growing boy!  He is very sweet too:  A couple evenings ago, Claire WIPED OUT running across the street home from Nonna's house. She got a couple big strawberries on her legs, arms and even her hip. While she was losing it, bawling her eyes out, I was telling her to be strong and brave. Owen chimed in "Cwaire, be strong in the Lord, in his mighty POWER! Be strong like Gideon Cwaire!!". Love that boy!!!

My third punkin is my little monkey!! Bree is actually slimming up and changing her looks!!!  It is killing me that she is already 14mos old!! She is climbing all over the place and into EVERYTHING!!!  There is nothing she does not want into and will THROW a FIT if she is told no!  She never stops moving or grinning and I love her!!  She is starting to transition to her bed at night and we are making progress, not much, but progress at least.  Bree finally had some bottom teeth break through this week and we are feeling better for the first time in a LOOOONG time!!  She is not really into talking and I guess I would not either if everyone provided what I needed when I hold my hands out :).  She is starting to say a few things, but she is definitely in NO hurry.  I baby her probably too much, but I don't care and you would not either if she hypnotized you with those big, brown eyes :)...

So here are tons of pictures from this week of my kiddos all dressed up for Halloween week.  There are many more of the younger two...we are in such a mad dash to get out the door on time in the mornings, pictures are quick and few with Claire :)!  With the other two, I can never get them both to look at the camera at the same time, so I just give you EVERYTHING!  Enjoy!!!

Lots more fun this week and many more pictures to be taken!!  School Carnival tomorrow night, Halloween play date with B Friday, Friday night Claire will be making her debut on Shiloh's field as a mini cheerleader, and then of course all the Halloween festivities!!!!!!!

Have a great rest of the week!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riding Rockstar!

My kids are so fortunate to have Aaron in their happy little lives!! He has a horse "Rock Star"!  They get to his house every once in a while and ride him  One night a couple weeks ago, he brought his parents' new pony, "Okie Joe", over to his house and the kids' came over and rode it!! They had a blast and it was so cute.  Of course when I told them we were going to ride horses, they both added cowboy hats and boots to their current ensemble and as you will see...welll they looked a little funny :)!!  Enjoy the pics!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roughing it...???

Sorry for the blogging break...Blogger was holding me hostage with the pictures!!!!!  Things are good now so let's catch up on some more fun Fall adventures with the Browns!!

My family has a hunting cabin about an hour away.  Shane, my family and his buddies hunt out there every year.  Shane set up a new tree stand this year.  So every weekend he goes out there to check on his feeder, the stand etc.  Most weekends we go with him and "rough it".  Of course Shane loved it when I brought the camera one time, but these are some cute shots :)!! Enjoy!!!!

More posts of fun to come!!!!