Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I have realized that I have come down with something else, but this one is not bad :)!  I have come down with Autumn-esia.  What is that, you may ask?  Autumn-esia is a disease that creates the ability to block out all things that would usually stress one out and replaces it with cooler weather, the smells of pumpkins and apples, pretty sweaters, boots, and football!  For example:

My house may be not as clean as I would like it most days....but it sure does smell great thanks to my "Autumn" wallflowers I have plugged in!

Claire may be arguing with everything I say...but she sure does look cute in her cowboy boots, jeggings and long sweaters!

Owen may be wearing the same outfit everyday...but at least it is a Razorback hooded sweatshirt, supporting our favorite football team!

Bree may be following me all over the house, crying and throwing fits....but at least she looks cute in her big fall bows, leggings and Ugg boots...and I can usually distract her with handfulls of candy corn :)!

Shane may be only talking hunting, guns, and tree stands...but at least that means he goes away for periods of time (with Owen sometimes) and allows me to SHOP for sweaters, jeans and boots :)!

There might be chewed up pumpkins all over my backyard....but at least Cooper and Oscar are enjoying my fun halloween decorations outside!

On any random night, there might be a Wal-Mart bag with a nice surprise from Bree sitting on our front porch....but that means that is so chilly at night, I am not running to the side of the house to dispose of the "surprise" in my pjs :)!

So, do you have it too??? I know many of my friends and family do too :)!!! So what have we been up to during this blissful Fall lately....here are a few things over the past couple days (not everything, just had to buy more photo space with blogger, will be back shortly with more pictures)...

Nonna had a birthday and we all went out to celebrate...even Claire got to get dressed up and go out with the big girls!!!  It was a great night...in case you are new to the blog, Nonna is my Mom and she is the hot red head in the peach shirt that looks like she is our sister....:)

 We went to the Shiloh Homecoming game...Owen took his bestest friend Maddox along, we had so much fun!!!  Those boys crack us up...we love our Saints and we love dressing up in navy and gold  too :)!

 That same day as the game, the kids had their Fall Homecoming parties at school and Pep Rally!  I had my girl Kari Beth make them fun fall themed spirit shirts!

Then this Sunday, we dressed up in Fall clothes for church and tried for pictures...nice try, but I still think they are cute and will keep them!

I am so glad that I have Autumn-esia....if not, this kid bawling next to me would really be driving me nuts and the kids fighting outside would be sending me over the edge, but hey, I smell pumpkin, have a cardigan on, and just watered my mums!! Life is good.....HA!!!


Jill said...

Love this!~You crack me up! All the pics are so cute! You're the second person I've heard of that ran out of photo space on blogger. Do they seriously make you buy more? That pretty much sucks. Happy Birthday to your pretty momma!

Aly said...

your children are just too beautiful!! I just want to go hug em lol. claire is soooooo ur little mini me. I too am excited for fall. I feel like it goes by too fast..the next thing you know all turn around and it'll be snowing like no tomorrow. that makes me sad.

wishing you and you family a wonderful upcoming weekend. y'all are too cute

aly www.nothinbutatshirton.blogspot.com

Jillian said...

I do love fall!!

Drew's Mom said...

Your kids are just TOO cute! I love their little outfits and all that team spirit! Happy Fall =)

In this wonderful life... said...

LOVE all the pics!!! I definitely have Autumn-esia too! It's the best.

Whitney said...

You crack me up! We have to laugh as Moms or we might go crazy sometimes! :)

Rebekah said...

You have one little diva on your hands! LOOK OUT WORLD!