Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riding Rockstar!

My kids are so fortunate to have Aaron in their happy little lives!! He has a horse "Rock Star"!  They get to his house every once in a while and ride him  One night a couple weeks ago, he brought his parents' new pony, "Okie Joe", over to his house and the kids' came over and rode it!! They had a blast and it was so cute.  Of course when I told them we were going to ride horses, they both added cowboy hats and boots to their current ensemble and as you will see...welll they looked a little funny :)!!  Enjoy the pics!!!


Ashley said...

I was just reading about the kiddos on the right side of your page to see if it had been updated...Owen.doesn'! Are you sure he's related to your family? :)

Claire and Owen are so lucky to get to ride horses. I hope Aaron (and Rockstar) becomes a permanent member of your family. ;)

Walking With The Wheats said...

I have decided that as Bree outgrows her clothes you can just send them to Abbie Kate, she is such a doll ;)

Jill said...

That looks like kid heaven! My kids would LOVE it!