Saturday, August 30, 2008

Meet Oscar Chang Brown!!

I am so excited to introduce you to our newest son/child/baby/dog, Oscar Chang Brown!!! Oscar is a one year old French Bulldog and we are so excited to have him join our family!! My great friend Ellie was so awesome to tell me about this couple she works with is looking for a new home for their precious, fabulously trained, French Bulldog...of course I was all over this!! I have wanted to add another dog to our family for quite some time now, but Shane did not want us to have to go through training a puppy again, now with 2 children! As well, our Pug Cooper has lost so much weight recently since my sisters have both adopted puppies and they are always over playing with Cooper. He needs a playmate, other than Owen that just feeds him french fries, to keep him active. So I have kept my ears open for a chance like this!!

So, we had a meet and greet with our family and the former parents , Minki and Emily, of Oscar, specifically Cooper and Oscar...and everything went perfect!! Owen LOVED him and was literally rolling around wrestling with Oscar and he was so good with him!! So, we were sold!! They brought him to us this morning and we have had a blast since....he is going to fit right in with our family!! Cooper keeps on giving us these looks of "I didn't ask for another dog"=), but they have had fun running around together! Oscar is trained so well, much better than Cooper ever thought about being. Minki and Emily did such a great job with him, he is the most well behaved puppy I have ever seen!! We are hoping we can keep them up and Cooper can learn a few things =). Oscar LOVES the kids and just follows them around. The first thing Owen said when he woke up from his nap "Where Cocker?"! (no remarks =)) He is perfect with them, I could not have asked for a better dog to add to our family! We kept his first last name as his middle name. I wanted to post some cute, posed pictures of Oscar with the kids and Cooper, but it has been a pretty much chaos all day and I couldn't get anyone to sit still long enough =). Here are a bunch of pictures of Oscar joining the Browns!!!
Owen followed him around with ball in hand...Cooper is not really into catch anymore at the old age of 6!! How sweet is that face??!!The new brothers playing... Big brother Cooper, with the look I mentioned =).... He sleeps in this bed about half his size, he just curls up in a ball =)!! You know I have matching monogrammed beds coming for him and Cooper, but this is too cute!! I will always keep this one since he obviously loves it!!Here is Owen watching football in Oscar's bed...I guess he thinks it is a recliner =). I thought Emily would get a kick out of this!!
We are having a "Welcome Oscar" Party tomorrow night with the family and Oscar's new doggie cousins, Winston and Sadie!! Pictures to come of course!!

Minki and Emily - Thank you so much for this opportunity to add this fabulous puppy to our family!! We know it was hard to let go of him, but know that he is in good hands and we will spoil him rotten =)!! That sweet baby girl is going to be a doll and we wish you nothing but the best!! Please stay in touch and you will always see updated pics of Oscar on this blog!! Claire and Owen thank you this big (Claire has arms spread reeeeeeally wide =))!!!

Oh and by the way..........................................................................................................


Finally it is college football season!! Go hogs, beat Western Illinois!! Shane is going to the game tonight, but we all donned our Razorback gear to spend the night with our puppies!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

She gets her bowling skills from her G-pa!!

Today is my dad, aka G-Pa's birthday!! So he and my step mom Brandi, wanted to celebrate tonight with taking the family bowling. Now, we are known here at the Brown House for our superior Wii Bowling skills, so we are always up for a good old trip to the Bowling Alley! This was also Claire and Owen's first trip bowling, boy we were excited! Claire was beside herself all day...

Now, Claire was awesome!! She bowled really well! It was sooo cute seeing the two of them in bowling shoes! Owen, on the other hand, was thoroughly confused. "Why can I not have this ball?? Why when you finally give it to me, you immediately take it away and throw it where I cannot get it back??" When you think of it from his little eyes, it doesn't make much sense. So, he pretty much bawled and squalled the entire time...we had to literally hold him most of the time (Owen does not like to be held in any kind of non going to bed setting), so holding was really wrangling him. But thanks to the power of pizza, he finally calmed down and ate as much pizza as he could.

Claire mostly bowled with the guard rails, but she now has a few strikes under her belt, non Wii related =). It was really cute seeing her all dressed up (yes, we still dress up for the bowling alley), and so matter of factly throwing this huge ball down the lane, serious expression the whole time. G-pa is a good bowler, so all night he was telling us she gets it from him (I couldn't argue, I did not get to 100 tonight, Shane's ok), so we let him have that for his birthday =)!
It was a fun night!! Below are some pictures Tara got for me of the kids first time bowling!! Enjoy!!
Owen immediately found the "Bob-bob game"!
Putting on our shoes!Cutie patootie Claire modeling her shoes - yes that is my girl rocking the Juicy dress and bowling shoes!!Owen in his bowling shirt! He is already mad in this picture - and yes that is a busted lip. Thanks to gymnastics, Owen thinks everything is to be rolled on - including the slide he rolled down head first last night, ending face first in grass with busted lip.I WANT THIS BALL! Owen bowling....or chasing the ball =)Claire bowling!Claire and G-pa!Where is my purple ball??Claire and BrandiG-pa giving Claire a hard time =)!This ball is heavy!Tara and Claire!G-pa and BrandiClaire and Brandi!Happy Birthday G-pa!! We love you very much...especially because you have a pool =)!! We hope you had a great birthday!! We will be bowling your bowling buddies anytime!!
Love - Claire and O

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sticking to Football

So....tonight was round 2 of our first Gymnastics classes, with Owen this time.


Shane take the sigh of relief....I think it is safe to say, Owen will not be a professional gymnast =).

Tonight was one of the funniest nights EVER in my experiences with a little boy. Since he is younger, I had to attend the class with him. There were about 10 little busy bodies in this class, along with their parents...and we were in class with Lane and Sterling!! The whole point of the class was motor development and to put these sweeties in a class room like atmosphere. But above all, have fun. So even though we were in a controlled setting (sitting in a circle, learning a basic move or apparatus), they asked us to not hold our kids back and let them run and explore if they want to. HA HA!! OWEN RAN WILD THE ENTIRE CLASS!! If we were all in a circle, he (and a couple other kids, he was not the only one THANK GOD) would be climbing on something, having the time of his life, me, I am sitting in the circle still =). He would come back if we started singing a song or playing with some kind of fun toy. He had so much fun and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, but I also ran so hard after him most of the time, I was covered in sweat! If most of the kids were at the bars, letting their parents spot them and teach them something, Owen was running circles on the mat, all on his own, no interest in where everyone else was! He really had no interest in any help from me, and would slap me off if I started to "spot him"! Sterling did really well as he was one of the oldest in class and listened so well, Lane should be so proud! It is a great class and Owen cried when it was over!! This is one of those experiences I will never forget...and we get to do it every week, WOO HOO!! Right now this is the only class / extracurricular activity Owen can gym it is until next fall!

It was so different than last night with Claire...Shane and Claire watched us, and laughed their heads off...of course snapping pictures. We have a ton more of him as I was too into what Claire was doing last night, I kept forgetting to take pictures...and Shane was really enjoying himself.
Mama and O - Gymnastics Buddies!

So we start off in a and Lane with Sterling to the left, Owen in the middle of the circle...doing his own thing!
Oh look...still in a circle, Owen off on his own... Playing with a little girl...One of the only times participating!This is too funny - Here we are doing the parachute exercise, Owen started off doing it with me...
Then he was done - this picture cracks me up - you can see me, under the parachute..without my son, he is off to the right! Thanks O!The end of the class, BUBBLES!! You can see Sterling to the left and O right of him!O passed out by 8:30...he played hard!! My babies are growing up so fast!! I am so proud of them!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess who went to Gymnastics for the first time....

Claire went for her first gymnastics class tonight and had a blast!! If you keep up with my blog, then you know that Miss Claire has never been one to attend classes without Mama or tonight was our first ever experience of being away from us and attending a real class atmosphere!! I know all of the other parents were proud of their sweet kids tonight, but I don't think anyone could top me and Shane and our beaming faces the ENTIRE class!! I am so proud of her!!! Not only did she go and participate in everything, she did so well the instructors spoke to me after class about moving her up a class in the next age up as she was too advanced for the class tonight!!! I was blown away and speechless, if you know me, that rarely happens!!! So she is moving up to the class of girls already in kindergarten next week...

Here is my little gymnast tonight before bed in her "Little Gym" shirt that was her gift tonight!!

1 down, 2 to starts next week and dance the week after that!!