Thursday, August 14, 2008

Owen Keith is 2 years old!!

As of 1:45pm today, Owen is 2 years old! I cannot believe he is already 2, the time has just flown by...he has grown so much in the past year!! I still like to believe he is still my little, sweet baby boy, but he is developing into quite the big boy!! Below are some of me and Shane's favorite things and fun facts about Owen right now as well as some past pictures of my little blonde stud...
  • Owen is still a snuggle bug and wants to cuddle when he is sleepy. You know when he is tired as he will stop whatever he is doing, and run over to your lap and lay on your sweet.
  • He gets so excited (just like his Mama) over the smallest things! When we are Wii bowling, he will yell "GO GO GO" every time he sees the ball going down the lane...after we play the guessing game at the pantry door of "What does Owen want?" and we finally have hit the jack pot, he takes off running squealing with delight that you picked the right snack!
  • Owen LOVES to wrestle with his Daddy! Sometimes we think the kid can feel no pain!! He will come straight at Shane and head butt him, full force and laugh! He has busted many lips (his included) and almost blacked many eyes...but Shane loves every minute of it...if only he understood he cannot do it to his sister =).
  • He has the best manners. If you give him something, anything, he says "Tanktu", if he burps he says "Mume" (unfortunately ALOT), if he wants something (everything) he says "DEEEEAASSE" and if anyone sneezes (including himself), he says "Nessu".
  • He loves to take baths. If you even barely say the word, he races you to the nearest bath tub! The kid would stay in the tub FOREVER! Many days, Mom has dressed him and before she knows it, he is back in the draining tub, soaking wet and fully clothed!
  • He NEVER wants to go to bed. As that may sound like a bad thing, he is still sooo cute and honest! "Owen do you want to go to bed?"...Owen: "No, No"...very matter of factly and shaking his head. He will come straight up from the previous noted snuggle and tell you this, EVERY TIME! =)
  • He already loves any sport involving a ball. When we are anywhere near (driving by even) a stadium, he starts squealing "FOOBALL FOOBALL". If he sees a ball anywhere, he stops in his tracks and demands it in his possession...the kids already has a good arm and of course can tackle like a pro =).
  • He hums Cooper's name. I am not joking. He won't say Cooper. He says "Humm-Humm". He chases him around the house humming very loudly "HUMM HUMM"!
  • He loves Christmas movies, again, just like his Mama. During Christmas last year, it was the first time we were able to get Owen to sit and watch full movies at a time. We were amazed how our little busy boy would just sit for hours, completely into the movie. We were so excited that he hit this milestone. Only the thing was, he only likes Christmas movies! I cannot tell you how many times we have broken out one of them (Home Alone is his favorite, hopefully "Kevin" is not his idol) just for some peace and to make him happy!! Nothing like Christmas songs in the summer, I love it!!
  • Still has the adorable blonde hair...I just rub and kiss his head all the time!! And how can you not love those blue eyes...
  • When the microwave or oven beeps, the toaster pops up, my cell phone text message beeps or my blackberry beeps, he yells, from wherever he is in the house "ITSREEEADY".
  • Whenever Shane and I are playing around...anything that would look as if Shane is hurting me (you know the annoying tickling from your husband)...Owen starts crying and screaming, scared to death that he is hurting his sad, but sweet!
  • He randomly walks around with my oven mitts on. =)
  • He and I sing together all the time "IIIIII LOOOOVE YOUUUU", except he says "WYYYY WUUUVV VVUUUU" =)
  • When we drive by or pull in to the mall, he immediately starts saying "COOKIE". He loves him some Cookie Company cookies.
  • He already out eats Claire, he eats more than her at every meal!
  • Owen does not like "good-byes". If he sees a suitcase in the living room, he immediately is upset, knowing that either me or Shane are leaving. If he sees Mom pick up her purse, he knows she is going home and he immediately starts crying. When Mom and/or Jake leave the house, he is just so upset and always runs to the dining room window to watch them walk home across the street. But he is the kid that never lets you down with "hello's". He will always greet you with yelling your name and a big hug!
  • When I tell him to pick up his room, he throws all of his toys in his crib=). When he wakes up in the mornings, he throws his blankets and pillows out of his crib.
  • He likes to have a pair of shoes on at all times! No matter what the shoes, he does not like to bare foot. He has the stinkiest feet ever!! I know it sounds gross, but it is so funny!! We can be in the car and someone will say "What is that smell?" and I will know right away, Owen took off his croc sandals!! That is definitely something I never had to worry about with Claire!!
  • If he sees an Arkansas Razorback, he starts calling the hogs!!
  • He loves balloons! I have spent many trips through WalMart with a balloon in my face while I am shopping because he (and Claire) spot the balloons as soon as we stepped in the store.
  • I love him dressed up, but Owen looks absolutely adorable in a pair of cargo shorts, fun tee and spiked hair.
  • He is left handed just like his Nonna!
Owen's Birthday - August, 14th, 2006. He was born 2 weeks early and was 8lbs 5oz. He was the adorable, blonde headed, blue eyed, huge baby boy!! He looked just like his Daddy! He slept through the night his first night in the hospital...and we thought he was going to be such a good sleeper =). We were all shocked at the blonde hair, so he was my little blonde angel and I could not get enough of him!!
Owen's 1st Birthday - August 14th, 2007 - Owen's Football Party!!
Owen's 2nd Birthday - August 14th, 2008!!

Stay tuned for "Pirate Party" pictures to come this weekend!!


Carolyn said...

Look at how happy he is in that last picture! Happy Birthday Owen! He is so cute!

Brittney said...

Happy Birthday Big O!!!! Welcome to 2...Jillian thinks being 2 is really cool. Maybe you two can actually meet again since the last time you saw each other, you were new babies!

Hope the pirate party is a hit...I just love a good themed party!!! I have already started planning Jules' first becasue I am a FREAKKKKKKKKK!!!!

Brooke Bertalan said...

I love him. I can't wait to celebrate his big turning 2 party this Saturday. It's going to be a blast!

Rachel said...

Brittney - I am so with you!! If I could do parties for kids for a living I so would! And yes, I am already planning Claire's big #5...eventhough it is not until Nov 28th. BTW - That is the day after Thanksgiving so maybe yall can come??? You sooo don't want to miss our "Bowling Alley Mermaid Luau"...completely her idea =).

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, Owen!! Have a great Pirate Party!!

Rachel - I'm cracking up... Bowling Alley Mermaid Luau?! Claire has got to be the most creative little child on this planet!

You have some great kiddos!!! Have fun this weekend!!

The Brown Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!! We love you and can't wait to watch you and Sterling grow up together and be little mischievous toots just like your daddy's! :) Oh, two years ago we were at the hospital actually waiting around for his birth (unlike Claire's birth!!!) doesn't seem possible that it's been that long! He is such a sweetie! Can't wait for this weekend! Sterling keeps talking about Owen's party, but keeps getting mixed up thinking it's for him since all I have been thinking/talking/going crazy over has been his birthday! See ya Sat!

Jessica said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!!!!! Your memories of Owen brought a tear to my eye - how sweet!!!

Tara Caire said...

happy birthday big o! I love you so much! I can't wait till the party tonight!!! Such a little sweetie you are!