Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Tara, Drew, and Clayton!!

Today is Aunt Tara's birthday, the 6th was Drew's and the 20th was Clayton's!!

Clayton turned 6 years old this year and started kindergarten!! We love Clayton so much and he is one of Claire's bestest friends!! Clayton gave us a scare when he was just a little sweet baby with his heart...we are so blessed that he is a normal, active, VERY smart little boy that always keeps us laughing (and correcting us whenever possible =)).
Happy Birthday Clayton and thanks for inviting us to your fun Chuck E Cheese party this weekend!!

Pictures from the party - Funny story - We bought Clayton school clothes for his birthday, he opened the bag, took out the tissue paper - "Oh, Clothes..." and did not even take them out, just handed to mom! So funny - boys!! Claire loves to open clothes!!

Claire and the birthday boy! Clayton, Claire and Sterling
I like this picture of the 3 older cousins watching the show =) Here are the 2 younger cousins, Caiden and my Owen...both wanting their Papa!
Tara is 25 today!! I can't believe we are getting so OLD!!! =) Claire and Owen love their Aunt Tara so much!! She is so good to them!! We are all so excited for her wedding in just a few months, especially Claire, the flower girl!! Claire spends so much time with Tara, and always wants to see her. Tara spoils her rotten and loves to do all things girly with her! Owen loves her because she usually brings him cookies!! They could not ask for a better aunt!! We love you Tara!!

Tara and her baby Sadie!Claire and Tara this summer in Gulf ShoresI love this picture of Tara and O!Me and Tara at her and Drew's joint bowling birthday party!!Happy Birthday Drew - you are older than me, 29!!! We are so excited for you to officially join our family in November, we could not ask for a better mate for Tara! Claire and Owen love Drew, he is probably one of the tallest boys (that tends to be the trend for my sisters, I think Neil is even taller than Drew) they have ever seen (exciting to a 4.5 year old and 2 year old) and they love to play with him! He is so good with the kids and will make a great Daddy one day!! We love you Drew and cannot wait to see what is to come in the future as our big family grows...but you are going to have to start keeping up with your cell phone (good grief =))!!!

Claire and Drew at Tara's playing dress up =)...Claire likes to lecture Drew =)!Tara and Drew at their birthday party!


Tara Caire said...

awwww this is so sweet!!! I read drew's bday tribute to him! He loved it too. Happy birthday clayton! Claire calling me this morning made my day! :)

Brooke Bertalan said...

That is the sweetest picture of Claire with Drew. What a doll! I'm so sad I didn't go to Clayton's b-day party. Those are great pictures of the kids. You are becoming quite the photographer.