Monday, August 11, 2008

LIVE Concert- "Grillin In"- Birthday weekend!!

Before bed Friday night, we were treated to Claire "betending" the microphone was on and putting on a concert as her alter ego "Halle Stacy Star" (for those of you that don't know, she asked us to change her name to this name she made up, but really it has just become her Hannah Montana =)). This song she came up with on her own, we think on the spot, not really sure if she has been writing songs for awhile now=). Sorry it is so dark, when filming, I had no idea it would be so blog worthy =)...turn up your volume so you can hear the up and coming hit song =)....Shane and I were singing it until we went to bed...ENJOY!!

Saturday night we had Heath, Lane, and Sterling, Jessica and Denny, along with Mom and Jake over for what was supposed to be a cookout, but turned into hot dogs grilled inside on the grill pan =)! It rained all day and night!! But we had a great time anyway. We played a lot of bowling on Wii, always a great time! Lane and I always love it when we get Owen and Sterling together as they look JUST like Shane and Heath when they were little. The boys are a year apart, but Owen is a big boy and is almost as big as Sterling, so they look just like the twins did. Every time they are doing something together, we always snap pictures...enjoy!
Jessica and then Poppy getting in with the cuties...

Claire and Sterling, quite the pair...look at Sterling!!

Claire bowling...she is really good!!Tara came home that night from her trip to NYC with presents!! Here is Claire with her new Prada bag...from Canal street =). She also got her some adorable Pink Corduroy True Religions!!Cooper with the purse too!Then Sunday was Shane's mom, Becky's, aka Nana, birthday!! Claire and Owen LOVE their Nana and get so excited to spend time with her and Papa! When we pull onto their street, they both start yelling "Nana and Papa's"!! Claire's absolute favorite sleep over spot is at Nana and Papa's with Beaux and Bitzy!! We love you Nana and we hope you had a fabulous birthday!!

Here are pictures Nana with the kids...isn't she gorgeous!!!

I love this picture of Claire and Becky...this completely shows their awesome relationship!!

Just a few more days and my little boy will be 2...I can barely believe it!! Will be busy all week planning for the big "Pirate Backyard Bash"!!!


Tara Caire said...

HAHAHHAH i will listen to that song everyday now.. soo funny! That picture of Becky and Claire is priceless.. Becky is one gorgeous women..

The Brown Family said...

LOL! LOVED the concert Claire! She's so funny! Do we have the next Hannah Montana on our hands!?!
Love the pictures of the're right, I just love it when they get together and I bet Becky just beams (or cringes, ha!) inside watching those two!
Oooh, yellow and brown...cute cute! I was going to do green and brown...jungle?? But I think I like yellow and brown better, thanks!
Good idea about changing the funny! :)

Brittney said...

The boys are just too cute together!! And NANA looks hot!!!! So young!

Someday we will get all the kids together and they will have so much fun! So, start your party planning for Thanksgiving!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

How cute! love that she bowls with the wii!

Jessica said...

Claire I'm ready for you to ROCK MY WORLD!!!! Cool song girl!!! Speaking of Claire, I challenge you to another Wii bowling game - you're not going to win this time =)!!!

Carolyn said...

Claire definitely rocked my world with that song!!! She is so cute, and that high note at the end was impressive!

The kids Nana is sooooooo pretty!!! It's comforting to know that women CAN and DO age gracefully!!