Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Post from Miss Bree...

Hello Football and Crowns name is Bree Leighton Brown and I am the newest crown added to this crazy bunch! I had to take over the ole blog today for two reasons 1. My Mama has been out of town in NYC for dare she go without me??!! AND 2. My Mama is not doing a very good job at the monthly "Bree Updates" and I needed to take over!
I am officially 6 months old!!! I am a growing girl and I am doing so much!! I love to EAT!! I eat 6oz of formula EVERY 3-4 hours, never miss a bottle, and I get yummy cereal every morning and night! I do NOT like baby food, except for applesauce. I love french fries, tater tots, bread, pizza crust, waffles, pancakes, and crackers! Mama and Daddy love to show off my big thighs to everyone, I am not sure why...I am wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 12mos clothes. I was not joking when I said I was growing!!! Mama says she loves chubby babies...I surely delivered!!
I LOVE my Mama! She is my favorite...if I hear her talking, I start looking for her! Mama cannot resist me and is spoiling me rotten! Mama has fun hair to grab and big earrings to pull! Mama is the only one that can get me to calm down and go to sleep when I am really tired! Mama always calls me "Angel Face" and when she does she kisses me a bunch of times on my chubby cheeks!! Mama is always dressing me up and tells me "We get dressed up everyday and we always wear a hair bow!" She loves my curly, hair! BTW - my hair is growing, not falling out and getting lighter in places, she tells me "I am her little doll!!" I think my most absolute favorite place is on my Mama's hip, with a handful of her hair, checking everything out, yep that's the life!
I am very vocal these days!! I squeal and coo and I LOVE the sound of my voice!! I laugh and squeal when something is funny and I am very ticklish!! Mama and Daddy tell me that chubby babies are always ticklish...that is fun!! I am rolling all over the place and sitting up...pretty good! I don't like laying down so I will get this sitting up thing mastered VERY soon!!
I am a pretty good sleeper, I am not real keen on this whole laying down by myself thing. Why in the world would I want to do that when someone should be holding me???!! I sleep through the night, with the few exceptions that I need my pacifier and then I proceed to alert the entire household, I NEED MY PACI!!! I nap when I have to but I would rather on my Mama's shoulder. What can I say, I have a spell over these people, it's what I do!!
Speaking of spells, Daddy does not have a chance!! Daddy loves me and takes good care of me!! I like to watch him with Claire and Owen and I get really excited and kick my legs when I watch them play! Sometimes, when I am not really feeling the sleeping thing, I like to sit up with Daddy on his lap and watch what apparently is "Stupid movies that play on TV over and over" (Mama told me) or something on the Military channel...never fails to always put me to sleep! Daddy is the handsomest man ever (Mama told me that too)...

I love to smile!!! I LOVE to get people to make me smile!! You should see the crazy things this family of mine will do to get me to smile!! That brings me to my big sister, Claire...isn't she pretty??!! She is one of my most favorite people!! She calls me "Sweet Girl Bree" and loves on me all the time!! Claire has a beautiful voice and sings to me all the time! She helps Mama by giving me my beloved paci and helps feed me when Mama needs help. I hope I am just like Claire when I am 6, she is really cool!!

Then there's Owen....he is one fun big brother. Sometimes I don't think he likes me, and sometimes the feeling is mutual. But, for the most part, he loves me and I love him! He is WILD and is really loud! He tries to help Mama, but he pushes the pacifier a little too hard in my mouth (I think he really wants me to stop crying) and he has tried to pick my chubby self up a couple times and it was not pretty! Owen does not like it when Mama "lets" me cry (Who could?? Who is going to let this baby cry??!!) and STRESSES out when I am. There has been a couple times when he tried to help me, but then Mama is mad, I am even more furious and a few times we were all crying =)! Owen is going to take good care of me growing up and not let anybody be mean to me...I hope he has good looking buddies!! Two other family members that make me smile, Cooper and Oscar!! These guys are hilarious!! They like to lay near me and they snore loud. When they walk by me, I laugh and try to grab them. Oscar is VERY protective and DOES NOT like it when I cry. When I start crying, he starts howling...I get louder, he gets is awesome!! They like my pacis too...not cool!
A couple other tidbits about my luxurious life - I like Baby Einstein videos and Spongebob, I like baths and footy pajamas, I love peek a boo and toys to chew on,I LOVE my paci and a soft blanket, I love my new princess walker and the Bumbo! I coo and squeal at anyone that is near me! A couple things that I am not particularly fond of...I don't like my car seat, car rides in the dark, not being held, VEGGIES, and putting on lotion!

I hope you enjoyed my blog post today and Mama will be back soon.....
Ciao - Bree!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from Break

I am back!! Sorry I have not been around...I had to take a break from blogging for a bit. The hardest part about taking a break is getting back on again!!! So I had to start somewhere sooooo what have we been up to????

We have been loving life!! I will do a post next full of just the kids for Valentine's but until then...
Love yall and I have missed you!!! Now I am going to attempt to get all caught up on you again!!! Here's to hoping it is not another month until I am back =)!
Have a good week!!! I will be back, promise =)!