Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Picture-palooza!

And I thought I would not blog before the new year...wrong-o!!  So how was Christmas 2011??!! FANTASTIC!!  I have many pictures and much to blog about so let's get her started!

Before Christmas, we all went out to eat in Fayetteville and then bundled up for the square and the lights!! It was so funny because Bree was obsessed with riding the we let them :)

Friday - we took the kids to see Santa.  I had pretty low expectations because Bree was in a horrible mood and tired.  She fell asleep on the way there and stayed asleep on Santa's lap :)...we went to see Arthur Christmas afterwards.

We always have Christmas Eve at my house with my Mom's family.  We go to church and then meet back at our house. 

This year we had a Mexican food theme and it was soooooo good!!  Christmas Eve was extra special this year because we gave Claire the greatest present EVER, a puppy!! We decided to go ahead and give it to her on Eve for two reasons 1.  It would not overshadow Christmas day and 2. Daddy and not Santa, would get credit. :) She has been BEGGING for a dog for a long time.  Seeing as we already have TWO, it was NEVER going to happen.  She has been really working on Shane and he finally gave in when she presented him with a list of all the responsibilities she wrote that it would take to get a dog :). 

Here is the video. I gave her a gift.  It was a wrapped dog leash.  Just watch.  Please excuse how dark it is and my overly excited, high pitched voice :) the way - her name is Ruby Sue.  I wanted to name her Ruby Pearl, but I was vetoed and they named her after the little girl in Christmas Vacation :)

Here are a bunch of pictures from our super fun night we will never forget!

Owen and Bree fell sleep early and did not get to put out cookies or reindeer food, but they were ok :)

Shane and I stayed up until 1am being Santa. We exchanged the night before just the two of us. 
You can tell, the kids (and pups) were good this year :)

The kids were up at 4am!!!!  We were so exhausted and did not know how we were going to make it, but we made it church and our busy day of Breakfast at Moms, lunch at the Browns and then dinner at Moms.  Fun day. We are so blessed with our family!!

So we are putting Christmas away, getting ready for NYE and playing with this little bundle of fluff and all things sweet!