Saturday, December 5, 2009's COLD OUTSIDE!!!

Did I mention that this little girl is already over 3 months old (14 weeks)!!!!!??? Love her so much and could not imagine life without her!!!! Pictures taken from Mama's lap, her only place for smiles these days =).....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Making Snowflakes!!!

I have gone ALL out, even more than my usual 7 trees this year for Christmas! I will post pictures soon of all the decor, but I wanted to post on a fun project we did this week.
I am decorating my breakfast nook bay window this year for a fun party (pictures will come next week after the event =)), so I wanted the kids to make snowflakes for the windows!! They loved it and had sooooo much fun!! Owen has been under the weather, but this was a good pick me up one day. I am sure you remember when you were in school and you used to cut out snowflakes!! Well I folded the paper and they went crazy cutting =)!! They actually did a great job!! Aunt Nicole came over too and helped out. I will show you the final result in my Christmas Decor post, but here are some cute pictures of my little snowflake makers...
We are NUTS about Christmas time around here!! Today Claire has a field trip to see the Nutcracker. She asked if she could wear a scarf like Mama =)!! She is such a BIG girl!!!

Turkey Day

Hey yall!!! Sorry I have not been around this week, Owen has been sick =(!! He is better now, but he got what Claire had on Thanksgiving day. Yes, Claire was sick on Thanksgiving. So Shane stayed home with her all day and I ran the little ones to each Thanksgiving dinner. I swear kids have the WORST timing!!! We were nervous that she would be sick for her party 2 days later, but it was only 24 hours. Here are some cute pictures from our Thanksgiving this year!
Me and O at my family's Thanksgiving!Me and Mom
Mom and OYUMMY turkeys~Stylin Bree =)Me and Tara, Nicole had to work =(Owen lounging with the boys =)Sweet Bree!

My family minus 2Owen eating turkey!Claire getting her Thanksgiving dinner at home sick =(Daddy and Owen at home, pit stop before going to the Browns'!Bree and Judson snoozingLittle JudsonChristmas is in full gear around here!!! Once I get all the decor up this weekend, I will post all the trees!!!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Owen's Prayer

My sweet Owen is growing up so fast!! He is becoming such a big boy and cracking us up all the time...

Yesterday evening, Shane and Owen were in the car after Shane came and got him (saved him) from Claire's dance class. Owen told his daddy, "I want to pray.". Shane says, "Ok, say your prayer.". Let me preface, Owen's praying before consisted of quiet mumbling and then a loud AMEN at the end....not yesterday...

"Thank you Jesus for Oscar,, football, and baseball...AMEN!"

Thank you Jesus for this hilarious little boy!!! Shane and I have not quit laughing since he told me!!!

Have a great day!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Rhinestone Cowgirl is 6!!!

This past Saturday, Claire turned 6 years old!! It was such a fun and happy day...and hard for mama too =)!! She is growing so fast and becoming quite the young lady!!! Claire has had such a huge year and is such a blessing to us!!! There is no other girl like her and we are so lucky that she is ours!!!!!!! God blessed us on November 28th, 2003...I cannot wait to see what He has in store for her in the years to come!!! 6 quick things about Claire: 1. She is the best big sister! She is such a natural with babies, I hear that is a good thing! 2. She loves school and keeps us all in check in our manners, speaking, etc around here=) 3. Claire's favorite color is purple, but pink is now a close second (her words, not mine =)) 4. Has the memory of an elephant and NEVER forgets a thing.... 5. Loves to sing and dance!!! 6. Loves to throw a party as much as her Mama...nothing makes me prouder =)!!!!!!

Now on to the PARTY!!!! Claire requested a cowgirl party this year -so we had a "Rhinestone Cowgirl Birthday"!! Aaron brought over one of his horses and the kids rode it in our back yard! We broke out our boots (Claire got her very first pair from Nonna and Poppy!) and had us a cow girl party!! Claire is actually wearing an out fit Mom made for my little sister Claire when she was her age, it was AWESOME!! I always make an ornament for each of Claire's parties to match her theme for people to take home. This year was a fun blue ball ornament with a black cowboy hat! I have to also tell you that the cops showed up! We have a neighbor that well, we are not incredibly fond of and that is a post in itself, and apparently she was upset with all the cars parked (everywhere but in front of any driveways but our own) and called the cops!!! It was crazy, but you know what they say about a party....luckily the cop was more annoyed that he had to make the call and gave us no trouble! It was so much fun and Aunt Tara took tons of pictures for me..........