Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More AMAZING thoughts as of lately...

Some new things to know:

1. It is WAAAAAY past the point of your child needing to be potty trained when he says "STOP IT" and points his finger at you when you ask him for the 10th time "Do you need to go potty?"

2. It is adorable when your 9 month old is "Chunky"...not so cute when your 6 year old says "Mama, you are chunky like Bree!" Even better when she says it loudly in the dressing room in Dillards for all to here :)

3. Make sure and always keep Bree's car seat cleaned out. Not good when she is found eating dried out grilled cheese and french fries left over from who knows when while sitting in her seat (note: pharmacy drive thrus are not a great place for Bree, mad as hell when pulling out and no food!)

4. Nothing Owen says is least that is what all are told if he even thinks we are laughing at him. Do not laugh.

5. Work more with Owen on his church songs...he was running around the house yesterday chanting "GO GET JESUS! GO GET JESUS! GO GET JESUS!". I could be wrong, but I think he got that one wrong :)!

6. Sometimes Claire's stories about things that happened at school are really just dreams she had. Good to know just before you hit send on the email to her teacher referring to said story...most current one included a classmate stealing and burying Claire's scissors outside at recess...

7. I hate the show Family Guy. Men love it. For some reason that makes me absolutely furious.

8. We are only going to be on vacation for 10 days (4 days traveling). The girls do not need 18 dresses a piece. That one was hard to type :)...

9. I hate Jillian Michaels. Seriously, if I hear her voice one more time I may lose it. The Shred is not my video of choice anymore. Who am I kidding? My video of choice these days is Toy Story.

10. Cleaningmakesmeillitis is not getting any better (getting a housekeeper as soon as we get back from vacay!!)...unfortunately I have been plagued now with "DiapersStinkobia" and "Cookingisforthebirds-eisia". I have been having side effects from "Bathingsuitsarethedevil-oma" but I found the cure to be a hefty dose of sand and a frozen drink with an umbrella :)!

Another day living the good life HA!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our three girls in Malawi...

Shane and I have been talking for years about sponsoring some orphans in an undeveloped country. Neither one of us ever really knew where to begin or what were the most trustful places to start. Fortunately, we have been blessed by our church and learned of their big sponsorship in Malawi, Africa, Esther's House. The Esther's House sponsorship program identifies the most vulnerable children within Central Malawi. It's staff thoroughly interviews children and community members then pools available funds to initiate programming where each child receives full and equal assistance. There are three levels of assistance: Feeding centers, Residential and Non Residential.

Seeing that our church was a huge sponsor to this pretty much sold me, but when I was able to reach out to a wonderful woman that is actually a friend of ours to help, helped seal our deal! Kristin and her husband Josh were in the same Connection Group as us years ago (we are talking, before Owen). So I felt comfortable reaching out to her and asking her to help me choose the children we wanted to sponsor. I knew we wanted three kids, if possible a family of three. Kristin and her husband helped launch and build up Esther's House and know these children and the family they have left personally. She was able to give specific, personal information about families of children and helped us make this big decision with ease.

We are sponsoring a family of three sisters: Thandiwe, 15, and Linda and Linidiwe, 13 year old twin sisters. Below is the quick bio she sent me (I hope you don't mind me posting this Kristin if you are reading :)):

We have a couple of sibling groups, the first that pops in my mind is a little girl, Thandiwe, and her younger twin sisters Linda and Lindiwe. Linda is one of the girls we interviewed and she has a video telling how she wants to be a nurse when she grows up :) They are all three super cute, Linda and Thandiwe are little giggle boxes, and Lindiwe is really quiet. Thandiwe, like so many children is HIV positive and it is very rough on her (emotionally) but she is getting the medicine she needs, has learned a ton about how the disease is spread and is really pretty healthy. They live with 2 cousins and their 81 year old Grandmother! Her name is Gladys, she is the only older woman I know who speaks English, she is such a joy. Really looks to God and struggles to provide for the children. All of her children and her husband have died. Sponsoring these kids would mean a huge burden is lifted from their Grandmother, she would have a great peace knowing they will be able to eat, go to school and have the medical care they need.....and she would thank you repeatedly, but give all of the credit to God :) I love the strength and perspective there is to learn from the Malawian people!



The girls with their grandmother an their cousins...

Shane and I are so grateful to people like Josh and Kristin and their willingness to help these sweet children and their few family they have left. I know we will also be grateful to these three sweet girls as we grow with them and learn so much from their faith and be humbled. We are so looking forward to teaching Claire, Owen and Bree through this process...and most of all to see what the Lord has in store for the two of us. We are going to just open up our hearts and do whatever we can to help this sweet family!! As I learn more about these girls, I just have this huge tug on my heart do whatever we can to help them!!! Don't you just love their sweet smiles??!!!

We are sending them our first letter and pictures this week. I am so excited and a little nervous, I want to be so much for them, but I know that this will be answer to their prayers...and oddly enough, an answer to ours too :)!

Want to learn more? Want to maybe sponsor a child too?? Here is the website to do both:

...or leave me a comment with your email and I can help you come in contact with someone that can help you!

Thank you Lord for giving us this opportunity!! We are going to open our hearts for You to do everything You can through us...whatever that journey may be!!!