Friday, August 31, 2012

Bree's "Punzel" 3rd Birthday Party

Last weekend we had Bree's birthday party.  Her favorite movie is Tangled and she requested a "Punzel" party, so we had one!  I knew I wanted to have Rapunzel's braid a part of my decor so we decided to have the party at Shane's office, on the balcony porch.  His office is a home that is over 100 years old in downtown and it was perfect.  We decorated it up (and about died from the humidity doing it :) ) and it was so cute!  Bree invited her buddies and she asked to invite Claire's dance friends too because she loves them.  Nicole painted faces, we danced, had cake, took tons of pics and had a blast.  The girls loved it when I had them all throw rose petals in the air after Bree blew out her candle :).  Here are tons of pics...Tara was in Chicago for her bday so we missed her.  Boni took my pics for me, thanks Bones :)!

Comment with questions on anything!! Happy Friday!!