Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I love January!!!! January is always refreshing and new!! After the chaos of the holidays, we finally get back to a routine! Now, with a kindergartener, it means going to back to school as part of our routine. We have had Claire home for FOUR weeks!! She was bad sick the whole week before school, was out for 2 weeks, then we were out for a whole week due to all the snow and ice. So this week, we are getting back to a normal, the normal we have not seen in WEEKS!! Claire was so excited to get back to school yesterday, she really missed her friends and teacher...she was also sooooooo excited to show everyone her newly pierced ears =)!
Picture of Miss Priss shopping at Christmas =)...
Our normal has also changed at home. Bree is finally getting into a routine of napping as well as eating cereal morning and night. When she is awake, she is squealing and laughing, smiling as soon as you make eye contact with her....when she is not throwing a fit when she is not being held...or making eye contact with you=)! Love that chubby girl!!!!! Owen is getting a big ole dose of reality at home NOW, he is wearing big boy underwear, whether he likes it or NOT, he is leaning towards the latter =)!! We are officially on the potty training train, not waiting any longer for Owen to "choose" to get on board. Should make for some fun stories over the next few weeks...

Self portrait taken by him - I don't have any new pictures at the moment, because a certain blonde headed, blue eyed little man dropped my camera and BROKE it!!

A few other small things to look forward to in January...I am 8 days away from meeting Shane in MIAMI!! He is going down this Sunday for work and then I am flying down that Wednesday. My awesome Shane won a HUGE award at work and they are sending us on this all expenses paid, lavish trip!! I can HARDLY wait. It is bittersweet as this will be the first time for me to leave Bree over night (THREEE NIGHTS!) and I am trying to keep from having a complete melt down when I think about it, but we will be okay. The kiddos have very AWESOME grandparents, more than willing to step in and love on my baby...and the two older ones that will practically push me out the door...kidding, kind of =). This weekend, my personal shopper Tara, is taking me shopping to find new "Miami Clothes"!! When I get sad about leaving, I look at where we will be staying....
Aaaaaaaaand in 18 days, I will be 29! My birthday is the 30th!! Birthdays are a big deal around here, so I am excited. I am looking forward to a fun night out with my best friends! Every birthday I have reminds me of how my life has changed every year! Last year, I was pregnant with Bree on my birthday, and now she is 4, almost 5 months old! This picture was taken New Years Day - exactly one year from finding out I was pregnant!

Happy January!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Week!!

Hey yall! We have had a crazy week of SNOW and insane temps, can you say -10 degree wind chills???!!! Claire was out of school all week last week and we were pretty much SNOWED IN all week!! We finally got out (we were stir crazy) on Wednesday and had lunch with some pretty girls and their kiddos. Friday night we had all of our family, the Welborn's, and Jess over for a game night, but we were all so happy to get out, the ladies chatted it up over wine while the guys watched football, no games =)!! Then as the roads are finally clearing, last night we went out to pizza with the Welborn's and watched the kids run wild! It was a great weekend!!
I got a bunch of pictures of the kids playing in the snow and all dressed up for church in the snow last week!! Shane pulled the kids around our backyard and a vacant neighborhood on his four wheeler, it was hilarious...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Silver Dollar City Christmas!!!!

Last week, just before New Years, our best friends, the Welborne's invited us to go to Silver Dollar City with them to see the lights. It was soooooo cold but we had such a great time!! The kids loved it and the lights were beautiful! The boys took the older kids around to rides while Amy and I walked around with the little ones, drank hot chocolate, shopped, and had a blast having our own girl time! I think the pictures are adorable...but I am biased =)!