Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A little pampering for the ladies...

Claire, Tara and I had pedicures Sunday. Claire had a pedicure before, but it was not the usual pedicure setting, the rows of chairs, the nice Asian women...she loved it. She told me after it was over, that we need to come back every week so that our toes always look this good, I gladly agreed =).

The finished product...

Weekend with friends and some "fooball"!!

This weekend our best friends from Bartlesville, OK, Travis, Erin, and Emma came to stay with us and visit. We had a fun weekend, but the kids had the most fun going to the Arkansas Red/White Scrimmage football game. Shane and Travis took the kids (yes, by themselves) and let me and Erin have a night to ourselves. Below are pictures from the game (Thanks Tara for sending these to me). There are a lot more picturess of Owen, Claire was a little freaked out by all of yelling and the crowd. Owen, on the other hand, was pumped and kept yelling "Fooball"!!

Claire and her Daddy, in her pink Razorback hat.

Owen, Tara and Mom

Owen with Jace and Jace's friend, Tyler.

Travis and Emma (Emma is at a Razorback Scrimmage drinking from an A&M cup...)

Monday, April 21, 2008

THE BIG RACE....and of course a Party!!

2 weekends ago we all raced in the Race for the Cure with our Kitchen Queen's Group. It was so much fun, the kids had a blast. Claire called it "The Big Race" and was so excited. So we all geared up in our pink and went to walk. We also had a Breakfast tailgate with Kitchen Queens, at 7am! It was chilly in the morning, but turned out to be an awesome day!! And of course that night, we had a Pink Cookout to celebrate all of the KQ's that walked...Here are all of the pictures of the race and the party...

Claire and Jace with the McDonald's characters

All of the awesome Kitchen Queens that ran with us!! (and Jessica's pup Buzz)
Claire with her medal for winning "The Big Race"!
The usual ending to all our days with O.Some of the girls from KQ that came to the party!
Owen dressed in his pink....before he got dirty....entertaining us!
Claire would not let me take a picture (long day and getting up at 6am), so here is a great pic of her braided hair.
Owen in outfit #2, already eating and getting dirty...
Nicole and Neil
These last 2 pictures are that Sunday after our long weekend...
I told both of the kids to say cheese and they both turned their heads at the same time!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Life is so rough as a 20 month old...

Owen is 20 months today. He has grown up so fast! Notice he is holding a roller from my bathroom drawer....=)

Day at the Races!

Shane's parents watched the kids Saturday so we could drive down to Hot Springs with Mom, Jake and Tara for Oaklawn's Derby Day, horse racing. We had so much fun!! This was the last weekend of the season and the Arkansas Derby was ran. The winner is awarded a place in the Kentucky Derby. We really had a great time cheering for our horses! Tara was the big winner on the Derby. A few, no kids, pictures =)...

We love parties...and tattoos...

It was Jace's Birthday last week and Mom and Jake had a birthday party at Mad Pizza, according to Claire "the FUNNEST place to eat, because they have girl tattoos, not just ugly boy ones". Owen loved the cupcakes the most...

They mostly loved the foos ball table.

Claire's version of looking at the camera and smiling.

And here are pictures of the "Girl Tattoo". For the record: THIS IS SHANE'S FAULT =).

Here she is showing her muscles =).

Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally...a warm weekend!!

We finally had a nice warm weekend!! The kids got to go swimming at G-pa's (my dad's pool, heated pool, still a little early to be swimming) and Owen loved it. Claire has always been a little tadpole, but Owen did not like the water last year. This year, he had no fear (as in everything he does) and tried to walk right in!! Here a bunch of pictures of the kids swimming and playing outside...