Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sweet Bree!!

Sweet Bree is already 7 months old!!! Current obsessions - FOOD!!! She can eat her weight in Macaroni and Cheese, crackers, yogurt, get the picture!! Her paci, right now plastic eggs and other toys, rolling all over the place, waving bye, saying "HHHHIIIIIIII", baths, her brother and sister, the dogs, Mama, pulling off jewelry on everyone, phones, remote controls, and stroller rides! Tonight she just started scooting, almost army crawling!!!!

Current DISLIKES: Not being fed, getting dressed, car rides in the dark, peas, green beans, not being held, getting her face cleaned, strangers (sticks out her bottom lip and CRIES if anyone that is not in her "circle of people" talk to her, makes fun trips to WM), and cutting teeth =(...

Fun Day with Friends

We have had a great week so far! The weather has been so much better and we were able to get outside some...yesterday we went to the mall for lunch and to walk around with a bunch of friends! Amanda, Amy, and Amber came with their kiddos and met me, Mom and Tara and my three monkeys. We had lunch and then roamed the mall like a big army of wild kids and Mamas trying to corral times!!!!
Owen and HarryAunt Tara and B

Amanda with GK and Mom
Amy and Tara
Pretty Georgia Kelley!
TROUBLE - Maddox, Owen and Harry!!!!

I love this one - I think Owen and Maddox are fighting =)
Cruz the cutie!!!
Bree and her faces!!!

Amber and her crew came later and I didn't get any pics of her kiddos. I can't believe it is already Wednesday night of Spring Break =(...tomorrow we are having a little playdate and lunch with all the kids, it will be fun!!!!! Have a great night!!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010


We are so excited it is Spring Break...the 8in of snow we got yesterday and Saturday, is melting, the sun is shining... I have one more meeting this afternoon, then I am on SB too!! I have a bunch to catch up on and some cute here we go!!!!!

Last Friday night, we went out for pizza with some friends from high school and their families!!! We had a great time catching up, laughing about how our lives have changed... and how we are all still the same!! The kids looked cute that night, so here are a bunch of pics....
I love this picture (Sorry if you already heard this on fb). Owen came out of Sunday school last week and showed me this around his neck and said "OBEY PARENTS!" this boy!!! If only he would follow his own direction...LOL! Last week, we took Bree in for her 6 month check up and shots. My little chubb-ette weighs a whopping 20lbs, 8oz and is in the 98th percentile!!! She was about 75% on heigth and average on her head, so she is my little chunky monkey!! All of my friends and family tell me I need to submit her to Chelsae Lately as one of her "Fat Babies"...I will let yall know if she makes it to be a TV star =)!!! She got her shots and we found out that she had a double ear infection =(...we had no idea as she has been acting great, but we are on meds and she is just fine. Here she is after her appt, shots and a double infection...sweet girl!!!
Last week, Claire had to turn in a leprechaun trap for school. It was a fun project and I think she did a great job. She and her daddy built what he called a "Raccoon trap". They put some "gold coins" in the trap and he would have to reach in through a hole to get them...well since apparently leprechauns are greedy =), he would be trapped as he would not let go of the coins to get his hand out of the hole. I don't know if that made are some pictures of her taking it school, you can see for yourself...funny story- we were helping her make it and she asked me "Just exactly, what are we going to do with this leprechaun when we catch it?" =)!

Then of course, we were in our green for St Patty's Day!!!! I love every holiday and this one is no different!! Bree wore a green M&M onesie Poppy got her on a work trip (he works for Mars)! While I was at a meeting, Nonna took her up to his office and let everyone see her, she was a cutie!! Sadly, the outfit did not last for our St Patrick's Day dinner that night at Nonna and Poppy's, Bree managed to have a blow out and had to go to green outfit #2...good times!! Here are a bunch of pictures from our fun St. Patty's Day!!!!

Thursday was KQ and we had a great time!!! It was a Healthy theme and I was shocked at how great everything tasted, we are all were!!! I love my KQ's and it is always a good time when we get together!! I had such a long day that day of meetings and then I barely made it to Claire's field trip as a it was a nice break that night!!!!

I forgot my camera all weekend, but we did some fun things. We went to the cutest birthday party Saturday for one of Bree's little friends, Kheringtyn!! She had a "Candyland" themed party and it was adorable!! I hate that I forgot my camera as it was adorable and the kids had fun. Saturday night we had a night out without kids (thanks Nana and Papa) and went to dinner with our best friends and then to a fun dive to listen to a band and do some dancing!! My only picture with my favorite girl Amy....
So finally I am caught up to today!!! We have a fun week planned and it is supposed to be great weather!! Have a great day!!!!