Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Weekend at the Cabin!

This past Saturday we went to my grandparents' land and cabin for a halloween party hayride!! We had such a good time and it was absolutely gorgeous out there!! Here are tons of pictures...and yes, my girls wear hair bows to the woods too!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Claire and Bree's Witch"s Brew

Last Thursday, I threw my most favorite party yet!! Claire and Bree's Witch's Brew!! It was a Halloween Tea Party for all of Claire and Bree's girlfriends...that just so happen to daughters of my most favorite ladies in the world!! We also let Owen invite his best bud over, Maddox!! This party was so fun and I had a blast!! The girls all dressed so cute, I LOVED IT!!!! I went all out and you will see tons of pictures!!!! Thanks to Mom for helping me with some of the decor...Thanks to Tara, Mom, and Jess for the FAB cake!!! Thanks to Ashley for my girls' fab tutus and Alyssa for the awesome hair bow!!!!