Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun Day with Friends

We have had a great week so far! The weather has been so much better and we were able to get outside some...yesterday we went to the mall for lunch and to walk around with a bunch of friends! Amanda, Amy, and Amber came with their kiddos and met me, Mom and Tara and my three monkeys. We had lunch and then roamed the mall like a big army of wild kids and Mamas trying to corral times!!!!
Owen and HarryAunt Tara and B

Amanda with GK and Mom
Amy and Tara
Pretty Georgia Kelley!
TROUBLE - Maddox, Owen and Harry!!!!

I love this one - I think Owen and Maddox are fighting =)
Cruz the cutie!!!
Bree and her faces!!!

Amber and her crew came later and I didn't get any pics of her kiddos. I can't believe it is already Wednesday night of Spring Break =(...tomorrow we are having a little playdate and lunch with all the kids, it will be fun!!!!! Have a great night!!!!


B*Roe said...

I must know where do you get all of Claire and and Bree's clothes? They are all so freaking cute. I have a 4 month old little girl and I wish she had half of your girls cute clothes.

P.S. I LOVE Bree's name

amywelborn said...

We always have a good time together! Great pics, thanks for inviting us! See you in about an hour:)