Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Entertaining Link Up!

Some of my favorite bloggers are having a fun link up this week titled "Oh What Fun it is to..." and they are going to highlight Entertaining, Cooking, Creating, Making Memories and Decorating this week!  I am so excited as this is a great time to get get new ideas and start new traditions. Yall know I love any chance to make some memories!!  Today, Nina is highlighting entertaining.

My focus after the last few years has been entertaining the kids and their buddies.  Yes, I love a good adult party and me and Shane attend our fair share, trust me, but I always end up hosting the kids parties at our home. 

Here are my four rules for kids parties:

No pressure!! They are kids, just have fun!

Wow them!! Give them decor and activities that will make their eyes get big and smiles get brighter!

Easy, easy, EASY food!! Kids don't care how long it took you to make that dinner, they want it fast and they want it to taste good!  Fix what they like, and focus more on giving them a good time!!!
The party is for the kids, not the  moms.  Don't get all wrapped up in impressing other mothers. Those mothers are going to be more impressed with the fact that their child was entertained all night/day and can't quit talking about it the next, than the fancy favor you slaved over.

Here are a few parties we planned in the last few years (we is myself and my sister Tara), the details will be in the pictures and the blog post linked.

This is a Halloween party we threw a couple years ago - "Claire and Bree's Witches Brew".  I know it is halloween, but is one of my favorites and I had to include it!  We invited all the girls' buddies, they dressed up and had a sit down dinner and took many pictures!!  Check it out:

Claire and Bree's Witches Brew

Next was a fun Christmas party. It was two in one, Claire and Bree's Mrs Claus' Tea Party and Owen's Charlie Brown Christmas Party.  The girls had a Christmas Tea Party with their friends, of course all dressed up.  Owen's buddies came in Christmas sweaters and they had their own boy party :).  It was so much and so crazy, but the kids had so much fun!!!

Mrs. Claus' Christmas Tea Party and Charlie Brown Christmas Party

Last year, we had a Christmas PJ Party. This was so great.  All the friends came over for brunch and  played, watched movies and made Gingerbread houses.  This was a very cozy party and probably one of my favorites.  The link below is to Tara's blog as I did not have a blog post dedicated to this party (yall know when you get behind and cram too much into one post, yeah, that was this party :))

Christmas PJ Brunch

This year, with me going back in the office, I had to rethink the whole party plans, but of course still have one!! Next Monday night, we are having a "Popcorn and Cocoa Movie Night".  The kids will be out of school for break so we can stay up a little later on a Monday :).  They are all coming over after dinner, dressed in pjs, with their favorite popcorn to share (thank you pinterest for so many yummy popcorn recipes!) and I will supply the cocoa bar!  I plan to have a HUGE pallet made in the floor so they can all pile up by the tree and watch a Christmas movie. I loved this idea as it was less pressure with me not being home as much to plan, and it is different than what we have done in the past. I will have many pictures next week so come check them out then!!!

If yall have any questions or need more info, leave me a comment with your email address and I will holler back at you!!  I encourage all of yall to go check out all the blogs linking up and hop along this link up this week!!  Happy Entertaining!!!


Mandy said...

Thanks for all the tips! Since none of my friends have kids yet, I haven't really thrown any kids parties yet. But I will definitely be using these in the future!

Kay said...

I always love seeing all your parties and ideas!! The popcorn and movie night sounds like a great low key night! Can't wait to see how you make it amazing!!