Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Memory Making

I have reached a point in my life of "somewhat" contentment.  I have matured enough to appreciate so many things that as a, ahem, younger Rachel would not.  Sure, I would love to lose more weight, have newer "stuff", blah, blah, but contentment is settling in on me and, I think it looks so much better on me than mean, old, insecure look that I tried to rock in my younger years.  One of my major changes to contentment came from the realization that I am done having children and I am so fortunate that the Lord blessed me to be my kids' mama and my Shane's wifey.  With that came a whole new outlook on the holidays and appreciating the Lord this Christmas season. 

One of my major goals this Christmas season: RACHEL GET IT TOGETHER AND MAKE SOME MEMORIES AND TRADITIONS! 

This year we have started a few new memory-making traditions that I wanted to share. Most of you already do them, I mean, where else would I get these ideas :).

We introduced the kids to Elf on the Shelf this year.  As some of you have read the book and know about this concept, it is so much fun and the kids love it.  They had to name him, and of course, my kids (and Daddy) did not choose "Buddy" or "Peppermint" (which was at the top of my list :))  They chose Nafangle.  Why you ask?

Quick story - last year, Owen got in the car from school one afternoon after school and told me and Mom that he made a new friend at recess and his name is "Nafangle".  Mom and I both were confused and repeated him and he got very annoyed with and said not "Nafangle, it's NAFANGLE".  We were so confused and weren't sure if he was really pronouncing it right or what. Mom then said "Was his name Nathaniel?" Owen says "YES, Nafangle".

:))))))))  yall, this boy is the best.

ANYWAYS, they named our Elf that because that has pretty much been our most favorite name EVER.

So, Fangle (he already has a nickname) has been keeping an eye on the kids, flies back to the north pole at night to report to Santa, and then comes back before the kids wake up in the mornings.  Shane and I have had so much fun setting him up in funny spots and situations. Yes, Fangle sometimes is a bit mischievous, but with my two kids, that is what keeps them excited to look for him and we discuss the "wrongness" of it.  Here are some pictures of Fangle...

I also created an "Advent Activity Calender".  I looked at our calender for the month of December and coordinated different events and activities that the kids could do/open every night.  I wrote the activities on pieces of paper and put them in red and green envelopes.  I then pinned them to a big cork board and voila, our Advent Calendar.  See, it is pretty cute :).

Some of our activities include (not telling them all because we are going to do a few things for some grands :))
Open ornaments
Put stamps on Christmas cards and mail them
Make snowflakes
Open Christmas books
Take presents to neighbors
Make Happy Birthday Jesus cupcakes
Go look at Christmas Lights.

Thursday night we did our first event, we wrote letters to Santa.  After dinner and baths, I set up hot cocoa and cookies at the table and all three kids sat down with me and Shane to write their letters.  It was so much fun and I will never forget that night.  Owen even wrote his own with Shane's help :).  Claire of course, pulled out new things on her list that about killed me as I have been done shopping for awhile. I had to pick up an Easy Bake Oven today :).  Here are some pictures of our fun time...

We also made a video for Santa, just in case ;)...

Merry Memories = BIG smiles on this mama's face :).  A few more things: I have been searching for a couple years for a nativity set that the kids would love and we could keep forever, here it is and we LOVE it!

Lastly - one tradition that we have had for years, "Christmas Lights on the House day"...this picture is perfect :)

It is going to be a great year and I know that we will always remember!  Have a great weekend!! Our first parties are this weekend and we are ready!

Peace out lovelies!!!


dottie said...

We have an Elf too! Although, we forgot to move it this morning (the SHAME!) and my daughter noticed.

"I think he only likes to leave every 2 days or something..."

Poor kid! I told my Husband we have to step it up! Ha,ha!

You have some good ones on there!

Ashley said...

Love the Elf on the Shelf with Woody and Buzz....This is our first year with our Elf too!! I really like your post and I feel the same way about starting Traditions. Have a great weekend :)

Mandy said...

I can't wait to have kids and start some Christmas traditions! You have some cute ideas and as always your kiddos are adorable :)
Happy Weekend!

Kristy said...

I love the ideas for the advent calendar! I have to make one now!! (We won't let it matter that we've missed a few days, right?! ;)
AND- every post I think this, but... I seriously can't believe how much Bree has grown! She should still be a newborn! Time flies so fast! :(
Hope you have a great weekend with your beautiful babies!!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

I cannot wait to have kids someday to make Holiday memories

Megan said...

You are such a good mommy! What wonderful memories ou all are making!! And I was cracking up reading your post about the kids putting stamps on funny! Love your yellow scarf!