Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Weekend!

Happy Monday!  We had a great weekend, making more memories!!  I am fighting a stupid cold that I am pretty much ignoring because I don't want it to get me down.  We had to miss church and the Christmas program last night because of it, but we still made up for it with other things. 

Our Christmas season officially kicked off with our first Christmas parties!

Friday night was Claire's Dance party.  It was a good time as always and we are so thankful for this great group of girls and mamas! The girls looked cute and we got a couple pictures.  It was a bit different though because I had to get ready for the party here at work because the party was earlier, so Claire came up here too to get pretty.  I had to have my clothes picked out (and Claire's!), car packed with all the wrapped gifts for dance teachers and Claire's big sis, the night before!! I always have the kids' outfits planned but not always mine. One more fun event for this working mom :)...we managed and I was pretty proud of us :)

Bright and early Saturday morning was the Christmas Parade!! Claire's dance company rode a float in it, so we all went!  Shane's office is right off the square, so we stayed there to stay warm, had hot chocolate and waved at the girls as they went by :).  They have this fabulous porch/balcony that made for great pictures. I LOVE the Christmas parade!  It makes me so happy to live here and have that small town feel. 

Saturday night we went to our big Family and Friends Christmas Party at mom's that she and Tara put together.  I had started feeling bad that day, and got worse after being there for about 30 minutes :(.  I went home and got in bed...I may or may not told Shane to stay, snuck in and the sitter stay so I could rest :).  Tara posted many pictures from this fun night, I made a few, but I was not looking great :)
We kept our Advent Calender going this weekend too.  Friday, each kid got to open a special ornament, personal to them and hang it on the tree.  Owen got an ice cream truck, Claire a ballerina-pig (she loves pigs like her mama) and Bree got a stack of pancakes :).  Saturday, they each had little gifts of new gloves / hats / scarves to open, perfect timing for the very chilly parade :).  Last night, our card was to watch a movie as a family on pallets in the floor and drink hot I took it a step further since we were not all feeling great and we took early baths, put Christmas pjs on and had Breakfast for dinner :) was a fun night  :)!

We have a very busy week as we are leaving town this weekend!!  Claire, Owen and I are going to fly to Philadelphia to meet Shane there for his company Christmas Party weekend!! We are so excited!! Bree-belle is staying home with Mom and Jake since I am traveling alone with two kids that have never flown before.  All I can picture is Owen freaking out and peeing his pants or something and Bree either pooping all over me or throwing a huge fit!! So maybe next year for her :).  She will be more than happy staying with Nonna and Poppy!! 


Johannah said...

It looks like you had a great weekend, other than being sick! I love the shirt that Claire has on with "C" on it! Where did you find it? Merry Christmas!!! =)

Amanda said...

Have a great trip, I am a Philly reader of your blog!!

Brandi said...

hope u r feeling better!! U guys are always having so much fun!!!!

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a fun weekend y'all had