Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh What Fun it is to...COOK!!

Continuing on with our fun link up, today is Cooking at the Duchess of Fork, Molly!  Today the ladies are highlighting fun recipes for the holidays!

We have many dishes we always make every year in our family.  The one dish I always end up making at both families is my Cream Cheese Corn. It is soooooo good and sooooo easy!!!  Here is the recipe:

Cream Cheese Corn
I usually make a big batch since we have big families.

One large bag of frozen, sweet corn.
2 pks of Cream Cheese
2 sticks of butter (never promised it was healthy :))
Generous Salt and Pepper

Cook the corn per the directions of bag.  Stir in cream cheese and butter. Cook until melted and creamy.  Add Salt and Pepper to taste. Cook for at least 15 mins so that it can get melted all the way and as thick as you want it.  You will have a delicious, warm and cozy side dish!!

See, that was easy. One more recipe - Holiday Sparkler!

Holiday Sparkler
We make it like a punch...

Mulling Spices
White Wine (if you want it really bubble, use Sprite)

Make a simple syrup with the water, sugar and mulling spices (equal parts water and sugar).  Add a couple tablespoons of mulling spices so that is strong.  Let it cool.

Mix chilled champagne, white wine, and spiced simple syrup in punch bowl.  Serve in champagne flutes.  Soooo tasty!!!

Hope yall enjoy these!  I don't have a picture of either so since we have no pics, here are a couple pics of my sweet babies before Christmas Chapel at school this morning :)...

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Kelly's Avenue said...

Sounds very good

The kids look so cute!!!

Molly at Duchess of Fork said...

That Holiday Sparkler will be making an appearance at my Christmas Eve dinner...yum!