Sunday, August 17, 2008

Capt' O's Pirate Birthday!!

Owen turned 2 with a great party Saturday night!! Owen loves pirates, so we threw him a pirate party for his birthday. As most of you know, I LIVE for parties and go all out for everything, but my kid's birthday parties are my absolute favorite!! The weather was perfect and we had the party in our backyard for our huge family and closest friends, about 40 people all together!! We had a pirate ship inflatable pool for the little kids and then Shane and the guys built a HUGE 80ft Slip and Slide for the kids and the not so young kids =). We had a treasure hunt and at the end of the night roasted marshmallows!! Everyone had so much fun, especially Owen...below are the many pictures from the party...thanks to Tara and Nicole for helping me with pictures!!

The Pirate Table
Owen's Cake The cupcakes The Pirate party favors - I had pirate bandannas, eye patches and tattoos for everyone!The little pirate!! ME and ONonna and PoppyDaddy grilling hot dogs!These pictures of the kids on the slip and slide...we used dish soap to keep it slick (so you are not confused on the foamy kids =))Claire and Jace!Heath pushing O and Sterling
Emma - Owen's girlfriend =)
Owen and Caiden in the pirate ship pool...Pirate Sterling!Pirate Clayton!My Nina and PapaThen the men (and Brooke) started sliding...Mitch, Brooke and Neil sliding...I think Mitch and Brooke were more excited than the kids to slide=)!Jennifer and Caiden...Jessica, Erin and Emma...Tara and DrewOwen and Blake...Keith, Chad and ShaneGpa and BrandiChad and Heath going down the slide...Now time for cake...The cutest part of the night, Owen sang Happy Birthday too...while we all sang, he sang as well. When Claire was younger she was scared of the Birthday song ("Why are all these people singing in unison and looking at me???"), so we have been singing it ALOT, so I guess he knew the song and he loves to sing!!=)Claire, Clayton and Sterling eating Owen's cake =)Erin and EmmaOpening presents...Shane and Travis sliding...and crashing =)Daddy and Claire!The Treasure Hunt...Found the treasure...Shane, Heath, Chad (Clayton below), Mitch, and Neil...=)Tara and Nicole =)Nicole and NeilJace and the neighborhood boys!The crew after dark =)Claire got the marshmallows so we can roast them in the firepit!Can I tell you how excited Owen is to roast marshmallows??!!
Whew!! Took me forever to finish this post!! Now on to the next party!! It will be hard to top this one!!!


The Brown Family said...

It was so much fun! You're is going to be hard to top that! (it's also going to be hard to compete with next month! ;)) Sterling had so much fun and has the battle wounds on his belly to prove it! :)

Dallas said...

That looks great! I'll have to ask for some advice on Elyn's first b-day!!!!

Brittney said...

Love the theme...boys parties are a whole new world that I have not thought of! You did a good job. I am right there with there such thing as a child's party planner??? If there were, that would be the perfect job for me!!!!

Glad O had a good time...looks like lots of fun!

Tara said...

awesome party! You amaze me with your creativity each and every party! You would be the ulitmate party planner.. im glad to have you for my wedding! : ) Owen had a permasmile on his face the whole time! not only did you throw a great party you made some pretty amazing cupcakes! haha..

Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh what a fun party! The theme was so cute too, I love the eye patches and I think I even saw a fake tattoo...very cool!!
My favorite picture is that cute birthday boy diving face first into the cake...don't you just wish you could still do that sometimes??!!