Thursday, August 28, 2008

She gets her bowling skills from her G-pa!!

Today is my dad, aka G-Pa's birthday!! So he and my step mom Brandi, wanted to celebrate tonight with taking the family bowling. Now, we are known here at the Brown House for our superior Wii Bowling skills, so we are always up for a good old trip to the Bowling Alley! This was also Claire and Owen's first trip bowling, boy we were excited! Claire was beside herself all day...

Now, Claire was awesome!! She bowled really well! It was sooo cute seeing the two of them in bowling shoes! Owen, on the other hand, was thoroughly confused. "Why can I not have this ball?? Why when you finally give it to me, you immediately take it away and throw it where I cannot get it back??" When you think of it from his little eyes, it doesn't make much sense. So, he pretty much bawled and squalled the entire time...we had to literally hold him most of the time (Owen does not like to be held in any kind of non going to bed setting), so holding was really wrangling him. But thanks to the power of pizza, he finally calmed down and ate as much pizza as he could.

Claire mostly bowled with the guard rails, but she now has a few strikes under her belt, non Wii related =). It was really cute seeing her all dressed up (yes, we still dress up for the bowling alley), and so matter of factly throwing this huge ball down the lane, serious expression the whole time. G-pa is a good bowler, so all night he was telling us she gets it from him (I couldn't argue, I did not get to 100 tonight, Shane's ok), so we let him have that for his birthday =)!
It was a fun night!! Below are some pictures Tara got for me of the kids first time bowling!! Enjoy!!
Owen immediately found the "Bob-bob game"!
Putting on our shoes!Cutie patootie Claire modeling her shoes - yes that is my girl rocking the Juicy dress and bowling shoes!!Owen in his bowling shirt! He is already mad in this picture - and yes that is a busted lip. Thanks to gymnastics, Owen thinks everything is to be rolled on - including the slide he rolled down head first last night, ending face first in grass with busted lip.I WANT THIS BALL! Owen bowling....or chasing the ball =)Claire bowling!Claire and G-pa!Where is my purple ball??Claire and BrandiG-pa giving Claire a hard time =)!This ball is heavy!Tara and Claire!G-pa and BrandiClaire and Brandi!Happy Birthday G-pa!! We love you very much...especially because you have a pool =)!! We hope you had a great birthday!! We will be bowling your bowling buddies anytime!!
Love - Claire and O


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Aw, I'm loving all of the pictures and it never occured to me - until you told the story about Owen - how confusing bowling must be for little kids! I'm laughing, but my heart kinda hurts for him at the same time!!!

Claire looks just like you to me!

Maggie said...

What a fun time!! Go Claire!

Jonah calls Spongebob "Bob-Bob" too; it is so crazy the similarities between our boys!

Anonymous said...

Clearly Claire did not get her bowling skills from me. What Rachel failed to say in her post was that Claire beat me. Tony (aka G-Pa) was bowling between his legs and still getting strikes! I think its clear who she gets her skills from.

Rachel, Im having to post as anonymous because I dont remember my password.

Tara Caire said...

haha.. Claire is so good.. I felt so sorry for O.. he really just wanted to kick those 15lb bowling balls! I think Claire and I need to go to some bowling alleys and hustle some folks haha! : )

Carolyn said...

The Juicy dress and bowling shoes comment is SO funny! I love it, her smile makes me smile!!!

The Brown Family said...

How cute!! Love the picture of their shoes! Do they wear the same size!?!