Thursday, October 21, 2010

Roughing it...???

Sorry for the blogging break...Blogger was holding me hostage with the pictures!!!!!  Things are good now so let's catch up on some more fun Fall adventures with the Browns!!

My family has a hunting cabin about an hour away.  Shane, my family and his buddies hunt out there every year.  Shane set up a new tree stand this year.  So every weekend he goes out there to check on his feeder, the stand etc.  Most weekends we go with him and "rough it".  Of course Shane loved it when I brought the camera one time, but these are some cute shots :)!! Enjoy!!!!

More posts of fun to come!!!!


Brandi said...

A cabin in the woods, awesome! Love the pic of Owen going potty. HEHE!! Claire's shades are awesome and Bree drinking her Sonic; adorable!!!!

Maggie said...

Jeramy would be EXTREMELY envious... he's always wanted a place like that to go to, to hunt, to hang out, whatever. So much fun for the kids, too!!

Love the O peeing pics, hahaha