Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday - Fall Fashion!

Happy Friday y'all!!!  I am linking up again with Darci and the crew!

Today's Five on Friday is all about Fall Fashion! This past weekend I bought Glamour's 1,001 Best Ever Fall Do's and Don'ts and OMG - I actually loved it and got something out of it!  See Bree was even shocked :)
It inspired me to get to picking up a few Fall pieces and I am pumped about the Fall!  
So here are 5 things I am planning to wear this Fall:
1. Leopard booties - I have seen these adorable booties all over the internet and mags. I knew I had to have them when even Teddy on Good Luck Charlie had a pair on in the last episode I saw :).  I bought these Steve Madden ones and they came yesterday - I AM IN LOVE!! I love booties more than tall boots so I know I will get some major wear out of these! They will look great for work and play!
2. Over-sized Button Downs - I have been really trying to collect more items that are timeless and essentials.  My goal right now is to find a couple over-sized button downs, similar to menswear.  I don't want them to be too big and want them to still look tailored.  I have always wanted the perfect shirt, but with my larger chest and being taller, it has been hard.  I am bound determined this year. I feel like once I find the one I like, I could live in a white button down at least once a week and look different every time! I have ordered a couple, even men's ones, so I will let y'all know :) Here are some pics from Pinterest page - sorry could not get the links to work grrrrr - but my pinterest link is below the pics.
Rachel's Pinterest page so these ladies can get their creds!
3. Embellished Sweatshirts - I have seen embellished sweatshirts all over the mags and I might have squealed with delight! Sweatshirt with bling and it is fashionably acceptable?! HECK YEAH! I have seen many already and my faves have leather and plaid on them.
Here are some cute ones I found at F21 (I ordered from Plus so they would be roomy for me :) )

4. Cute Hog Gear!!  No secret around here that we are big Hog fans!! Every good SEC girl should have fabulous shirts to wear on game day! We have taken a hiatus from our tailgating days with the kids and all, so I picked up some cute shirts this year to wear at home from my fave boutiques here in NWA...first one from Impressions - second two from Riffraff!

5. Cardigans - Duh! I have never met a cardigan I did not like - true story. They are perfect for work and are probably my most favorite piece of clothing!  Here are two new ones I picked up, first from Copper Peacock and the second from Blue Door!

Happy shopping! Let me know if you find something I NEED!


Courtney said...

I love your fashion posts, they give me so many great ideas!

Shasta Anne said...

The look on little Miss's face in the first pic, cracked me up! She is such a cutie!

Those leopard booties are perfect! I am on the hunt for a few new Fall pieces too! I really need to go through my totes of F/W clothes before I shop, but that probably isn't going to happen! HA!

Ashlee said...

Please report back on the button down shirts! I can never find a good oversized one either! We are about the same size (I think) and my chest gets in the way too!

amandabarham2 said...

I need your help!!!! I am bound & determined to find a great pair of jeans. I'm an apple shape. If I get jeans to fit my waist they are baggy in the butt & thigh. If I get them to fit my butt & thigh then I'm miserable because they are so tight in the waist. What brand/kinds should I look for?

Mary said...

Can you report in on the button down shirt search? I love your posts please dont stop!

Anonymous said...

Love the gameday shirts! Sometimes it can be so hard to find the right football game attire in the South - with weather changes and all that. I grew up a little bit of a Razorback fan since I'm from East Texas and my dad cheered them on, so I have a little soft spot for them still.

Mary said...

Hi! I'm going to be naked soon if you don't post! I wait for you to post then literally buy what you say! I hope you'll come back soon. Although my husband likes that I'm not shopping as much ! Of course I know you're busy but do know i'm a faithful reader!