Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working Mama Fashion

I have always been one of those people that had to get ready everyday.  Even if I wanted to bum out and lounge around, I still changed into new pjs and fix my hair :).  Now that I am back in the office, my bum out days are far and few between, and I actually like it.  Like I said in a previous post, I enjoy putting together outfits and getting ready (not the hair drying part, that is the WORST!).  I also mentioned that I love this time of year's fashion. I am 30 and I can no longer dress like a college girl.  I know what looks good on me and I try not to stray, while still staying in the newest trends. Last week, I took pictures of myself every day to document a week's worth of "Working Mama Fashion"...a few disclaimers:

I am totally out of my comfort zone posting pics of myself and I know that Shane and a couple friends are going to make fun of me.  Getting over it :)

I can wear jeans to work as long as I am not a bum.

All but one of these pictures were taken in the ugly work bathroom. I don't have time at home to take them as I am shoo-ing three little ones to the car.

I took these with my real camera mostly because my iPhone is sucking lately.

They have all been Instagram-ed...because everything looks better in Instagram.

I am addicted to cardigans.

So here you go...a work week full of outfits:

Monday - Camel Cardigan from Old Navy, black tank-tunic F21 circa 2009, Ann Taylor Loft Modern Skinnies, necklace Kohls sale rack circa 2010, bracelet F20 circa 2009, wedges Dillards, Antonio Melani

Tuesday Day- Dusty Purple Cardigan Old Navy, Black dress Charming Charlie's, necklace F21, Belt NY&Co, boots Dillards Arturo Chang

Tuesday night - Jace's Football game (sorry bad lighting with iPhone) in my bathroom: Navy cardigan J Crew, gray/tan tank tunic F21, necklace local boutique, Gap Long and Lean jeans, Light Blue Leopard Toms...and cute little girl, Claire Isabella :)

Wednesday Day and Girls' Night - Purple Tunic BCBG, necklaces Francescas, Ann Taylor Curvy Skinnies, wearing tlall black boots but I didn't get a pic!

Thursday - Red Tank Tunic Target (last year), Scarf F21, Striped Cardigan J Crew, Gap Curvy jeans, Red Toms Wedges

Friday - WEAR YOUR COLORS TO WORK DAY! - Gray cardigan American Eagle, LOVE shirt Riff Raff, Scarf Francescas, Ann Taylor Modern Skinnies, Red Ugg Boots.

So there you have it.  So exciting huh?! :)  Tomorrow I will be blogging some of my new organizational things I have found and recipes!!


Meka H said...

Lovin the post! You should do this more often. There's nothing wrong with your pics (or you taking pics of yourself). Thanks for the ideas and because of you I tried the Gap Curvy jeans and really like them! THANKS!!!!

Brandi said...

You look fabulous!!!!!

The Matthews' Family said...

I love your style. Keep posting pics. Love them and gives me great ideas!

Melissa said...

Love this post!I also love your sense of style and all of your accessorizing! I never leave my house without my necklaces--even if I'm running to the grocery store. I just started reading your blog not too long ago & love reading other mommy blogs who are around my age and have kids the same age as my kids! Thanks for sharing. I'm thinking I need to get those Toms wedges...soo cute!

CaseyLew said...

What is F21?

Meghan said...

LOVE!!! You should join in with Pleated Poppy's "What I Wore Wednesday". Thanks for the inspiration! I've followed your blog for a while and love reading about your weekends, kids, and PARTIES! Your blog is super cute!

Karleen said...

Yay, I love the fashion post!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Cute cute cute, pretty mama!! Keep taking pics, love seeing your cute self! :) Oh the hair drying is definitely the worst! It does feel so good to get dressed and made up, it doesn't happen everyday for me ;) but it feels good :-)