Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tailgating in the Rain

We had a great weekend.  Friday night, Tara took ALL THREE of my kids to spend the night at her house!!! Shane and I did not know what to do with ourselves but it was a great night without kids!!  Bree did great for Tara and foresee many more nights of her going to :). Tara took some cute pics, but this one was my favorite...

This weekend was another home game for the hogs!  We got a sitter this time and had big plans to tailgate. Wellllllll it started pouring and our plans got ruined.....until Tara came to the rescue!  She had us all over to her house in Fayetteville to tailgate inside :).  The rain stopped just long enough for us to go to the game...good night!

I tried out some more recipes this weekend that I will share tomorrow!  Happy Tuesday!

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Kelly's Avenue said...

Y'all always have the cutest parties