Thursday, September 1, 2011

Owen doesn't like Cheerleaders :)

Happy Thursday!!  This morning was one of our favorite mornings at school. Tonight is a big game for Shiloh at Razorback stadium.  They are letting the kids out early today and everything!! They are planning a "white out" and we bought tshirts for the kids.  Well, this morning to get ready for the game, they had all the football players out at drop off with the big blow up helmet they run thru at the games. They were "autographing" the kids' shirts. This year, they also had the cheerleaders out there. Claire, of course, was pumped about the cheerleaders. Owen started acting funny in line. I asked him what was wrong and he told me "I don't want cheerleaders signing my shirt." :))))  One sweet one was able to convince him to let her, but we all cracked's okay O, Mama is OKAY with you not liking cheerleaders :)!

Last night was the Annual Big Sis/ Lil Sis Party for Dance.  Every year girls get assigned to each other as big sisters and little sisters. It is so sweet and the little ones LOVE it!!! Claire got a super sweet big sis and we are really excited about next year!!  They are making some changes to the studio and that spurred a fun craft for the girls last night.  They had them paint zebra on ceiling tiles! It was so cute!!

Have a great day!! 

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