Sunday, September 7, 2008

Taco Bell Windows

Friday night we went to the pre-party of Shane's 10 Year High School Reunion! This weekend was the huge event, but Shane (and Heath, Lane's hubby and Shane's twin brother) did not want to go at all. When they heard they were having a pre-party at a local fun bar here, we were able to convince them to go to at least that. So we found sitters, dressed up (without looking like we tried too hard, HA!) and went to be young again!
It was fun, just so much different than it was years ago. We saw all of Shane and Heath's friends, or troublemakers =) (all but Seth, wish yall were there B), we used to hang with. Now everyone is married, with kids, most heavier, and well, older. Some have not changed at all, guys that are still the same drinking and smoking boys, girls that I still don't care for that are exactly the same, but that made it more fun (wink wink Lane and Brittney). Lane did not meet Heath until college, so it was fun to fill her in on all the gossip on all these people in high school and then to see them now =).

Seeing all of these guys brought back so many memories that I tend to not think about in our everyday way of life with kids, dogs, work etc. It gave me mixed feelings of of happiness as I remembered what I felt like to be 16 and in love, and sad that time has flown so fast and I sometimes take for granted how great my life is. So bare with me in this post, I need to reminisce =)...

I met Shane when I was just under 16 years old, he had just turned 17. My best friend was dating one of his good friends. Now, you see we went to Springdale and Shane went to Rogers. Rogers was known to have the hottest guys in Northwest Arkansas and we were not too thrilled with our good ol boys at Springdale, so when she started dating a Rogers boy, we were all asking to meet some of them. Me, especially as I had just broken up with my BF from all through Jr High and the beginning of high school and was "soooo sad" (ah the drama of a teenager). She set up a "triple" date with her guy, and Heath and Shane, the twin boys (can you imagine our excitement??!! =)) with me and one of our other friends. Well, just my luck, I was scheduled to work that night (I worked at the local restaurant/ gas station, WOO HOO) and could not get off. So she had to replace me. I was so sad, but I really was not supposed to be going on dates yet (I was still 15, just a month away from 16) and I just felt it was karma.

That night, I got off work, went home and called her to see how it went. She told me that she wanted to come pick me up as they were all at her house still and I NEEDED to meet them. I had already changed into pajamas (sweats) and was not up for meeting guys, but she insisted and told me not to worry about it. So, I told her to come on. I made up something to tell my parents,"of course there were no boys, just me and the girls" parents did not believe, but let me go and I had to be back in just a couple hours. I did not have high expectations for some reason, I LEFT MY SWEATS ON AND PONYTAIL know crazy that is for a 15 year old! I am waiting on her to pick me up, and a mysterious car pulls up, not hers. I walk outside, she is in it, but so is, who I soon found out, Shane driving. One look at him and I was MORTIFIED! Here is this insanely hot guy and I am in still in sweats!!! I, for a second, contemplated going back inside, but my instincts told me to go on. I get in the car and am sooooo nervous for some reason. She does not introduce me, but he is super sweet and sooooo cute, even from the back of his head. We have to stop to get gas, he gets out and I ask her his name, why did he come, did he not like his date?? She obviously thought he was hot too (I was nervous as I thought I just missed my opportunity and she called him first), but told me that he offered to come pick me up and he was obviously uninterested in the other girls.

We go back to her house and all hang out, Shane and I flirting, I was trying to act as cool as possible, but I was also insanely nervous, and could not tell if he was digging me too. Heath was there too, the other really hot guy (I actually contemplated if I have picked the hotter twin LOL, I know you love it Lane), but he seemed somewhat interested in his girl. Shane was the nicest guy I had ever met and had the cutest smile...and the best/sexiest southern accent I had ever heard (originally from Southeast TX and they had just moved here). Since I had to go home so quick, I figured my friend would take me home, but when it was time to go, he jumped up and offered...but she went too. (If you are reading this "friend", I know you are laughing)!

They take me home, no numbers exchanged, and I was sad. But, oh well, he goes to a different school and will probably never see him again. My friend had told me that night that she was really not digging her guy anymore, so that was that. Sad, but I was 15...there were other guys, but this one I will remember for awhile. That night, my friend and I talked on the phone, I kind of thought she liked them too, but she was in the same boat as me...never see them again....and the next night, we had a double date with a couple other guys!!

I know this is long, but bare with me, we are getting to the good part =).

The next night, I am home, getting ready for a date (one that my parents CANNOT find out about), listening to Bush, trying to keep Tara and Nicole out of my room as they are making fun of me that they are going to tell Mom and Dad that I am going out with "a boy". Friend calls me "The boys are not coming, they just cancelled".

Me: "What???"
Friend: "Before you get too mad, you are not going to believe this, but Shane is here"
Me: "Who's Shane?"
Friend: "RACHEL, SHANE from last night and he brought another friend!!"
Me: "Why is he there?? Did he just show up??"
Friend: "He just showed up with his friend Seth and wanted to know if you were here!!"
Me: (first silence) "OH MY GOD!!, what do you want to do??"
Friend: "We are going to come get you and they are going to take us out!"
Me: "A date?"
Friend: "I don't know??"
Me: "Come on, I will be waiting!!"

That night, they came and got me, Shane was sitting in the back seat when they pulled up. Seth was driving, he let my friend have shotgun =). We went to Taco Bell and sat and talked for hours! Seth was my favorite of Shane's friends, he thought he was going to buy Christmas gifts with Shane, but Shane tricked him into a detour =). Shane and I sat across from each other and flirted all night. I knew it then that he liked me. When we got up to leave, my friend pulled me aside and asked if she could sit in the backseat with Shane...."NOPE"!

The rest is history!! Shane had a feeling that my friend liked him, so my smart man told her that Heath liked her (Heath had no idea), she was happy with that (we were young, what can I say) and we set up a double date with the twins. We saw Jerry Maguire, he kissed me that night and we have been together since!! My friend and Heath only lasted for a few weeks, neither one really liked the other (Heath is such a good brother =)). We spent the rest of our high school years driving back and forth to Rogers (15 minutes away) every weekend and hanging out with the Rogers boys. And yes, they were the hottest boys and I usually had at least 2 friends in tow to meet other hotties =). I was the gateway! Sadly, no one worked out like me and Shane, but EVERYONE had some good times =)!!

So as I sat there Friday night, looking at all these, now grown men, I giggled to myself of how much things have changed and how they have not! I looked at Shane and saw that same boy that I would look at in the reflection of the Taco Bell window rather than look at him directly as I was so nervous! His memories of this story is a little different, but even sweeter!! To this day, he loves me the most when I am just bumming in sweats and LOVES a ponytail!!

Sorry so long, but that was fun for me!! I needed it!! Here are some pictures from Friday night and a few oldies of us then! =) Sorry they are so bad - I literally took pictures of them out of a scrapbook my sweet sisters made for me when I graduated...
This picture was taken the first year we were together...Shane's Senior Homecoming...Shane's graduation...Me and Lane - I think the best looking wives at the reunion LOL!! Thanks Lane for making Heath go too, I had fun with you!!! I am so glad Heath married you instead of some of the other girls I had to suffer through high school and college - I LOVE YOU!!The cool twins =)
Shane texting his boyfriend Seth =)...filling him in on all the juicy details!!Cute Heath and Lane!!Me and My man!!


Brittney said...

LOVE this post! So funny! Where is the picture of you telling me about some certain girls from Rogers high on the phone???? Sorry we couldn't be there would have been fun!

Jessica said...

You guys still look so cute together!!!!

Maggie said...

Super sweet story, Rachel! Thanks for sharing!

I think that's the first picture of Shane that I've ever seen with long hair!! You guys were (and still are) so cute together!!

Tara Caire said...

awww i loved that story! Gosh I remember when i first met shane too! You guys looked hot at the reunion!! Shane and Heath are lucky guys!

Carolyn said...

What a cute story!! I love hearing how couples meet and fall in love, it's so sweet. And you are still very pretty, even though you definitely got a cute man (Lane too, of crouse) but you ladies are definitely hot wives!!!!

The Brown Family said...

I love hearing that story!!! I remember you telling it to me in person and to watch you tell it is so fun. Your eyes light up and you get so excited just reliving it. Those feelings have got to be the neatest thing ever. I still think it is the coolest thing ever that you guys are high school sweethearts! (and I'm very glad none of those friends worked out for Heath because then he wouldn't be mine! :)) I'm glad we went and I had fun with you too! It was neat to finally put some faces to the names I've always heard so much about. (wink wink!) I love you too Rachel and I'm SO glad that you are my sister-in-law...the best ever!! :)

Ok, I had no idea about that name as the, maybe future, vp's daughters name!! How cool is that...she will think she is named after her though. That's ok, hopefully she's a good girl! :)

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Oh my goodness...I love this post! I was hanging on every word!!!

I think the fact that you had a ponytail and sweats was perfect...he saw YOU as YOU right away and liked it! It could only get better from there. You are beautiful, so he would've been blind not to see it!

Brooke Bertalan said...

Oh my! Look at you two when you were still in high school! I remember you coming around and me hardly ever seeing Shane again without you by his side. You guys are such a romantic story. I loved you from the start though. I was probably thinking, "how did Shane land such a fun, girl that is way too cute for him?" Haha, Just kidding; I know my brothers are super cute sometimes.

Becky Brown said...

Yep, Brooke's right. How on earth did Shane and Heath land you and Lane?

I loved the whole story and it kind of made me tear up. I remember meeting you and watching Shane's face. It was clear - he was in love even though he was soooo young. You guys are so special - young highschool lovers and still in love.

Shane said...

Wow! Thanks for showing me how much weight I have gained over the years. I cant believe you have that graduation picture of me. I look like such a tool.

Kristy said...

That is such a sweet post! I love reading about how people met. It's funny how all the hot guys always went to the other schools! =)
We were the same way in school!