Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh yeah...the other child(ren) =)

So in all the drama of preschool this week with boys have kind of gotten the shaft =)!! What has Owen been up to?? Well we went back for our second night of Gymnastics last night and that was just as eventful as the first class, WOO HOO!! Owen ran wild and did just as he pleased for the whole 45 minutes!! While other children practiced learning their body parts while completing different exercises on different apparatus, the only thing Owen learned was your HEAD will hurt after you fall if you run in circles on the mat (the ENTIRE time) and get dizzy! Shane laughed the whole time from behind the glass window separating peace and quiet and absolute insanity...little does he know he will be crossing the border next week =)!
If you remember this, than you know we love tattoos in the Brown family. We go to the same Mexican restaurant almost every weekend with the family (Tara and Mom's crew), and it is Claire's favorite because she knows after a margarita(s) (I kid, I think), I will let her buy however many tattoos she wants from the machines there for her and Owen. It doesn't bother me until the next day...or week...we still have obnoxious "Mexican themed" tattoos our our arms (Shane is so kind to make sure to put them where they can be seen, we once went to a funeral viewing and I forgot Claire still had a tattoo on until we were there...did not look too good with her cute sundress, remember B =))!! Claire will now wash it off, but Owen REFUSES, and we have a tattoo until we can somehow clean it off. So, last night we went to gymnastics like this...He may not be able to do the "forward roll", or "hang and kick", but he could kick some you know what in his class!!

As for the other boys, Cooper and Oscar......we are settling in just fine!! Somehow, my rascal children have already corrupted this sweet, fabulously trained puppy, to now beg for food, jump up on them, and tear up toys (not so much there fault, but who do you think gave Oscar Claire's favorite stuffed poodle...starts with an "O"...ends with a "wen")! Oscar also has decided that he needs to sleep in our room instead of his cage (that he has slept in every night since he was brought home), but he does not sleep in our bed like Cooper (he is too big for that), he sleeps in the floor on my side of the bed. He is so good, he stays there all night and sleeps somewhat quietly (every boy in my house SNORES). Oscar has moved in perfectly and I think he is finally seeing these crazy people with the INSANE children as family!!

Owen wrestles with Oscar all the time, which suits Cooper just fine! Now Owen will leave him alone. I grabbed some pictures this afternoon of the two youngest boys playing!! Cooper and Oscar getting in my computer bag!Sweet Claire and Hoss!I had to take a picture of her this morning....she picked out her school outfit and I LOVE rain jackets!! I pretty much have a "Children's clothes addiction/problem", so when it was raining this morning when we woke up, most people would groan and dread going out....not me, I was soooo excited that Claire could wear her rain jacket to school!! Sick I know...=)As for me and Shane, nothing new besides toting kids to their activities and work. But we do have a sitter Friday night and we are going to Shane's 10 year reunion pre-party at a local fun bar here!! Shane refuses to go to the main events, but all of his buddies are going Friday so we are going too!! Heath and Lane will be there, so I will have a buddy to hang with besides random annoying wives/ girlfriends of some Shane's friends from school that we have not seen since his senior year=)...I know yall understand!!
Have a good night!!!


Kristy said...

Her rain jacket is cute! I need to buy Keira one, since she's fussy about rain (and everything!).

The tattoo business is so funny! Owen looks like he's a hoot! Gymnastics would be so cool. I wish we lived in a bigger town! =(

Jessica said...

Owen and Oscar are so cute. I'm glad that Oscar is fitting right in!

The Brown Family said...

This is hysterical that you knew about where I was going to be on Friday night before I did!!! Heath failed to tell me about this! (go figure!) Well, at least after a few drinks we will probably have some fun. I'm not gonna know anyone, whoo hoo!

Tara Caire said...

Owen has met his match in oscar! Claire looks super cute! I love her jacket and her hair like that.

Amy (Metz) Walker said...

Love the tat...cracked me up! And the picture of Hoss staring up at Claire...adorable!

P.S. Thanks for the encouraging words on my post!

Brittney said...

Love the rain jacket! Us girls must get excited about our accesorites!!!!

I still can't believe you have a new dog! Can't wait to meet him. Tyson is going to miss Miller when he gets to play with all your boys!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oh my goodness! thats a french bulldog, isn't it? I've wanted one for forever! how precious! Love the tattoo. It's so cute!

Maggie said...

Love the new puppy pics - looks like he fits right into all the madness! LOL

Haven't introduced Jonah to tats yet... but he LOVES stickers (all over his body), so I'm sure he would be just like O in wanting to keep them on for as long as possible!

Carolyn said...

I had no idea Shane and Heath were twins! That is so great, Lane seems awesome.
I would love to get together with you and meet you if you come to Dallas for sure, that would be so fun!
ps. I am a sucker for cute little boys in muscle shirts and fake tats...its so adorable.