Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"She looks like a little princess..."

I go pick up Claire from school today, Tara came with me as we were out to lunch. Claire's class is outside playing when we arrived and were just coming in. As they are all in the bathroom washing their hands, me and Claire's teacher have the following conversation:

Teacher: "Who does Claire usually play with?"

Me: confused: "What do you mean?"

Teacher: "Mostly boys??"

Me: (Oh God, where is this going??) "Yes, she plays with her cousins and brother, and there are mainly little boys that live near us."

Teacher: "We have been just laughing at how much she plays with the boys and can hold her own! She has no problem playing hard and getting dirty! We asked her why is she not playing with any of the girls??, she answered "the girls don't want to play, I want to play""

Me: (now breathing since she has not been in trouble) "Yeah, she knows how to play hard, but she likes to dress up while she does" =)

Teacher: "She looks like a princess, but she certainly does not want to play like one! We get a kick out of the fact that she is always dressed up, but is filthy when she leaves here!"

Me: "Welcome to my world!"

Oh - we have our hands full. We laughed hard over this one!! I asked Claire why she does not play with the girls...

"The girls are boring, they just play in a club, I want to play superheroes with the boys!!"

I can't wait to tell her about this when she is dealing with her own little stubborn little girl one day! =) I took some pics of her today after we picked her up after school...You can't tell that well, but her shoes are FILTHY and look how beat up her feet are!! =)

Nonna always has a surprise for Claire when she comes home from school if she was good that day (bake brownies, paint something etc), so cute, huh?. Well today they made fairy wands out of pretzel rods, icing and sprinkles!! Here is the difference between boys and girls...

Claire - Owen - =)

Who needs a hair cut, has had too many chocolate candies, and pulled the "F" key out of the laptop keyboard???


BTW - According to Claire, below are the following new names for our family:

Claire - Ice Girl - she can shoot ice and freeze things

Daddy - Fire Boy

Mama - Strong Girl

Owen - Sleep Boy - he can make people go to sleep

Cooper and Oscar - The Quick Boys (HAHAHAHA)

Happy Tuesday!!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

HILARIOUS! I started laughing out loud at the picture of Owen right before the keyboard. Even in pictures I can tell he's a pistol!

Love your super power names!

Kristy said...

LOVE IT! Owen is so darn cute. Were you able to fix your "F" key? Kinley is always messing with my laptop and it makes me nervous. =)
Keira is rough and tough with a hair-bow, too. Yesterday her teacher told me that she was making sand angels. In the brand new, still wet, sand in the sandbox. UGH.

Maggie said...

OMG - HILARIOUS!!! I was cracking up all the way through this post!! =)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

OMG this is so funny! I was raised around all boys too and acted the same way!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! your kids are so cute. love how your lil princess can hold her own!

Tara Caire said...

Haha, never under estimate claire! She looked like she had been playing for hours but still had her curls intact! Owen's smile is just priceless! Mom said he was a terror yesterday! :) haha at the dogs super hero names!

Carolyn said...

That is TOO cute! Owen is such a little bugger!!
BTW, is the Dallas weekend in October? I would LOVE to finally meet you all and hang out, that would be awesome! Let's definitely make that happen...I'll talk to B about it. :)

Mojito Maven said...

So cute!! You;re daughter is so beautiful!

AND I've tagged you!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, I am loving your blog. You are to fun..

Your little ones are too cute..

Lane said...

That is so funny! I love it when you come by the door to tell me the funny things she does! :)
Oh, and I love the picture of O right before the keyboard...hilarious!

~ Cassidie said...

Hey Rachel! I laughed out loud when I saw Owen's version of "fairy wands". Too cute!

Brooke Bertalan said...

I love the fact that she named you Strong Girl. Erin always calls you Super Mom. I guess those go hand and hand. You are such a strong super mom girl!!! I love the difference between boys and girls pictures. Perfect!

Liza said...

Too funny! She totally does look like a princess in that picture, so the comparison is hysterical. We have the opposite problem with my girls. They only want to play with the boys as well, but it's to KISS THEM!!! I am afraid we are going to have our hands full with them as well as they get older, but for very different reasons! LOL