Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What baby doesn't love a sombrero???!!

This weekend was Bree's actual birthday (thank you so much for all the super sweet birthday comments and wishes, Bree read them all and thanks you :)) so we had to celebrate some!!! I originally planned to have the kids birthday parties separate, but an event came up for Claire that we could not miss on the 21st, so we just decided to combine. Well, the day after the huge, almost killed me "Carnival Party" (Shane was ready to kill me the next day when he was cleaning up the back yard in 100 degrees :)), they cancelled said event. What a surprise?? So we had to do something for Miss Bree and keep the celebrations going, right??!!
We woke up Saturday and had our traditional birthday breakfast around here, blueberry muffins!!!! For some reason, that is what we do and everyone remembers every year! Bree, as you would imagine, loved them :)!! This girl is no stranger to some food :)!

Bree enjoying her muffins! No, she does not wear a flower to bed with her pajamas, her hair is so long that we have to pin it back so she can eat breakfast and not have hair in her mouth and eyes....not that I think there is anything wrong with wearing flowers to bed :)....
Owen was not up for pictures :)

Saturday night we went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant with Nonna, Poppy, The Welborns and Tara stopped by. We had fun eating and letting the kids run wild...which they literally did and I am sure many tables around us were less than thrilled :)!

I tried to get some pics before we left for dinner, and well it just was NOT happening!! I don't know why these kids cannot get it figured out that I am NEVER going to stop wanting pictures!! Claire even said "Cmon Mama, why do you want pics??? for the BLOG??!!" HAHA!

Little Bree always on the go now that we can WALK!!!

Forced - Mama was already threatening!

These pictures are funny (NOW)...steaming hot, me threatening the older two, Claire practically in tears bc Owen is touching her, annoyed Shane chasing a very mobile Bree that runs off everytime we get everyone placed, and Owen is dancing next to Claire as you can see in a few of these pics...priceless!
Bree enjoying some chips and salsa!
Claire posing as always :)

Nonna and her girls!
So, they brought out the sombrero and sopapillas for Bree :)...I would have never posted these (because I look h-e-double hockey sticks) but Bree is funny in them and this was a fun moment :)!

Sunday we went to church and we had the pleasure of hearing Bobby Bowden!! He was great!! We were to all wear our team gear, so we did....
I love this crew right here so much!!!  They make me so happy!!! Have a great week!!!  BTW - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA!!!  We love you so much!!!!!


Brandi said...

Your kids are just precious! Love Bree's little sandals.. too cute!! What a big girl!

Charbelle said...

Growing up my parents always had the camera in our face (I have a younger brother). I finally learned that I was going to hate all the pictures unless I quit rolling my eyes and making faces. Now whenever I'm at something with my mom I turn around and smile, expecting a picture, even if there's no camera around :)
Sounds like a fabulous day!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Cute pictures!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness Rachel I can't believe Bree is a year old!!! She's so stinkin cute!! Love the pics, especially the one where she's got her hand under her chin and is looking all serious! haha, have a great day!!! :)

Heather said...

OH my goodness, I can't believe she is 1 already!! She is such a little cutie! Happy birthday to your baby! Cute pics!