Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Summer...

Since summer is pretty much over since school starts next week, I decided it would be a good time to do a big post in pictures of what we were up to this summer...completely out of order and randomly (thanks to blogger, grrrr!)! We did so much more besides our vacation, so I want to remember it all!!

As I reflect over our these pictures, here are my top 5 learnings after reviewing them all:

1. We have lost our tans. :)
2. I can't believe the summer is over!! My kids are growing up so fast! Bree is slimming up and that makes me sad :(...
3. Tara takes a LOT of pictures and I am so thankful for that!!
4. Me and Claire look so much better with shorter hair :)!
5. We love our friends!!!
6. BONUS - I love my family so much!!! It has been a great summer and I know we have so many more to come!! I am so thankful for each and every one of them (whether they nap or not!) and feel so incredibly blessed!

Here you go - The Brown's Summer 2010

Had many fun, full of laughs, girl's nights at Las Fajitas with my favorite ladies!!

Went to sweet Maddox's Pirate Birthday Party!

Went swimming with Harry and Georgia Kelley!
Went to my girl Amy's birthday party!

Spent some time on the lake with Nana and Papa and their fun boat!

Went to Las Fajitas with the family where they told them it was my birthday....not until January :)!

Had a fun afternoon in Fayetteville and went to Orange Mango...

Had a fabulous 4th of July!!!! Fun party at our house!!

Spent another fun day at the lake with the Welborns!

Another day at the pool with Harry! Four wheeling in our neighborhood!
Went to a Natural's game!

Spent Father's Day in a hotel on our way home from the beach...funny picture :)
On our way home from the beach we got to visit the Huggins!! Love these friends!

Shane took the kids with the Welborns to a Monster Truck Rally!

Happy Hump Day!!!!


Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

It looked and sounded like a wonderful summer! And you look fabulous, mama! wow! All of the pics are so much fun, what great times with family and friends!!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Awe, looks like you guys had a great summer! You are very blessed!

amywelborn said...

Its been a great summer with awesome memories!

Suz said...

Love the updtes!!! :) Love your 4th outfit!